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The Back Passage - Community Reviews back

by James Lear
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Tami rated it 4 years ago
This "sleuth in the early 20th century with a lot of gay sex" story line was highly entertaining. I chuckled a lot about Mitchell's antics and his irrepressible sense of - ahem - justice... An enjoyable if a bit pornesque read.
MMarte rated it 7 years ago
... because Rosa, really said so in her review :) And because I liked A and D.
KatieMc rated it 7 years ago
Downton Abbey with gay orgies. A sex laced cozy whodunit. Take it for the alternate universe that it is, but don’t take it seriously. The main character Mitch is an American student of medicine at Cambridge who fancies himself as an amateur Sherlock Holmes. Mitch is also highly sexed and he masterfu...
AnnaMatsuyama rated it 8 years ago
Oh my, what a pile of rubbish. Mystery? Crime? Thriller? You wish! *ignore my shelving* Sex? A lot of it. Was it well written? Nope.Is it historical? It says yes, but it isn't. Just like author isn't next Christie. As if all mentioned above, wasn't bad enough, we've rape culture poop going on too. W...
abgayle rated it 8 years ago
A snarky twenty two year old gay amateur sleuth with a quick recovery time who's happy to fuck anything that moves in his bumbling attempts to solve a crime.Worked for me.
Res Amatoria
Res Amatoria rated it 10 years ago
Here are a couple of suggestions before reading this book:- suspend your disbelief, because the novel is a *pornographic* mystery. (A very amusing pornographic mystery, but intense with regard to possible yuck material). - stock up on sugar, because here there is very little lovey-dovey.
Stumbling Over Chaos
Stumbling Over Chaos rated it 11 years ago
Delightfully raunchy m/m mystery in the best 1920s English country house style. Protagonist Edward "Mitch" Mitchell manages to be endearing as he attempts to solve the mystery... when he's not distracted by sex.
Rain on Roof
Rain on Roof rated it 13 years ago
The Back Passage is a fab read. It is like Agatha Christie (which I love) with astonishingly frequent sex, some seriously funny moments and a murder mystery to boot.Our hero Mitch is on holiday at an English country side home with his friend, and soon to be lover, Boy Morgan. While not terribly altr...
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