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The Changeling Sea - Community Reviews back

by Patricia A. McKillip
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Susana "Lost in Fantasy Land"
Susana "Lost in Fantasy Land" rated it 7 years ago
Heart-breaking, atmospheric and unforgettable.This story was all I could ask for, and more.It doesn't need three hundred or four hundred pages, much of them filled with boring details to tell its story.It slowly arrives, it tells its tale, it imprints it in our hearts and minds, and calmly goes away...
Nicole Reads
Nicole Reads rated it 7 years ago
A delightfully bittersweet tale of magicians, sea dragons, old and new love, lost princes and, above all, periwinkles. It's my first Patricia A. McKillip. I searched all over for fantasy books that might inspire me now that NaNoWriMo is just around the corner and I've decided to dabble in a fantas...
crownoflaurel rated it 8 years ago
Lovely, sweet little story.
ambyr rated it 9 years ago
Some books fail to live up to nostalgia-tinged memories. Some books remain solid years later. And some books are even better than you remember. This one's definitely in the latter category.It's a fairy tale first and foremost, so don't read it if you're looking for detailed worldbuilding or rules of...
FriedEgg rated it 10 years ago
This short, standalone novel (a novella really) written in McKillip's usual beautiful yet elliptical style is exactly the sort of thing that I come to expect from her work.A lowly scullery maid, who's fisher father died at sea and who's mother is psychologically lost to the sea, hates the ocean and ...
SilverPen rated it 11 years ago
I read this book every so often just because it makes me so happy. All of the descriptions use objects and colors of the sea, so the whole book has a feeling. The story flows along without effort and I fall in and breath in the atmosphere. Its only fault is that it ends.
NTE rated it 11 years ago
Creative and unique. It wasn't exactly action packed, but instead kept things interesting at a steady pace. I'm going to check out more of McKillip's work.
Isa Lavinia
Isa Lavinia rated it 11 years ago
Originally posted at Paperback Wonderland.Sometimes people ask me to recommend a book and it usually goes a bit like this:Hipster girl: Hey do you know which book I shoul--Me: [b:The Changeling Sea|59|The Changeling Sea|Patricia A. McKillip|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1313430180s/59.jpg|2085180]!~*...
By Singing Light
By Singing Light rated it 13 years ago
I’ve tried reading The Tower at Stony Wood several times and have never gotten through it. I think I just had the wrong book, because this one was excellent. [Sept. 2008]-----The first McKillip book I ever read. I can see why I liked it and kept reading–there’s a lovely iridescence to this one and I...
La Crimson Femme
La Crimson Femme rated it 19 years ago
I am bias; I admit that anything to do with sea generally pulls my interest in. With mermaids or in this case, mermen, I'm helplessly sucked under the spell of the storyteller. Ms. McKillip's unique style of writing made this story alluring and fulfilling for me. I enjoyed every word of it. I re...
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