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The Collector - Community Reviews back

by Nora Roberts
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mollysmommyreads rated it 5 years ago
I am a fan of Nora's more mysterious romances. You still have the insta-attraction or insta-love but throw some intrigue and a good mystery in with it and that's my favorite kind of Nora.
FictionZeal rated it 6 years ago
Nora Roberts pens a novel which is eerily similar to the Hitchcock story, Rear Window. Yet the two stories have quite a few differences too. Lisa Emerson has an odd job. She house-sits. People who are going to be away from their homes for a few weeks contact her to stay at their home and watch o...
Lyndi rated it 7 years ago
So so good. But damn, I wanted an epilogue.
I Swallow Books Whole
I Swallow Books Whole rated it 7 years ago
The first thoughts that came to me when I finally finished The Collector were along the lines of, “That’s it. I’ve found my higher calling. I’m going to travel the world and house-sit for rich people, take an artist as my lover, and have him/her paint me in emeralds while solving an international my...
jbarrett5 book reviews, etc
jbarrett5 book reviews, etc rated it 7 years ago
The Collector by Nora RobertsLila Emerson, writer and professional house sitter has everything she wants, she takes it with her.Love how she becomes familiar with the window people. She witnesses the woman being murdered. Ashton Archer, an artist, knows his brother couldn've have killed his girlfr...
The Book Gourmet
The Book Gourmet rated it 7 years ago
Oh, wow. Now we're talking! I usually have a hit-and-miss think with Ms. Roberts' books, because of her heroines. They're always strong and independent women, but sometimes they come across as too strong, too stubborn, too independent, and I end up not particularly liking them, and not particularly...
Bark at the Ghouls
Bark at the Ghouls rated it 7 years ago
Well, I had all kinds of things to say about this book but I was too lazy to take many notes and a week has passed and now there’s nothing much left that stuck with me. If I had to choose a book that defines a three star read for me this one would be right up there. It’s not awful, it flows nice an...
Betsy's Non-Blog
Betsy's Non-Blog rated it 7 years ago
[7/19/2014]This was a good one. Unusual, suspenseful plot. Believable likable characters, with a heartwarming romance. [6/13/2016]On the second read, I didn't like this as well as the first time. It seemed to me the central premise was rather far-fetched. And even the romance didn't seem as rea...
Aly's Miscellany
Aly's Miscellany rated it 8 years ago
I thought I'll have a heart attack while reading the book. It was so good!
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 8 years ago
I love Lila Emerson, I want to be her.
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