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The Five Red Herrings - Community Reviews back

by Dorothy L. Sayers, Patrick Malahide
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BrokenTune rated it 3 years ago
In the meantime, a constable had rounded up the undertaker, who arrived in great excitement, swallowing the last fragments of his tea. A slight further delay was caused by its occurring to somebody that the Fiscal should be notified. The Fiscal, fortunately enough, happened to be in the town, and jo...
moving under skies
moving under skies rated it 7 years ago
By far the weakest of the otherwise uniformly delightful Wimsey mysteries. This one was overlong and underexciting, with too little of Lord Peter Himself, barely any Bunter or Parker, and nothing at all of my favourites, Harriet and Miss Climpson. If the tragic paucity of everyone good weren't bad e...
the reader of books
the reader of books rated it 8 years ago
Ugh. I picked this up because I needed a break from The Singapore Grip and its endless discussions of markets and rubber plantations. I love Lord Peter Wimsy, but there were WAY too many bicycles and train timetables involved and too much indecipherable Scottish dialogue. The chapter where each of t...
Andrea K Höst
Andrea K Höst rated it 9 years ago
The focus of this novel is on evidence. The collection, examination, and gradual sifting of possible suspects, their means and opportunities. It makes for a spectacular example of how extremely tedious police work can be.Which doesn't say much for it as a reading experience. If you're a devotee o...
Kaethe rated it 9 years ago
Bunter's delivery is compared to [b:The Castle of Otranto|12923|The Castle of Otranto|Horace Walpole|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1166512753s/12923.jpg|46432]. I'm going to have to read that.As a whole, the book is very like a logic puzzle: lots of train tables, and six different suspects, all of wh...
target acquired
target acquired rated it 10 years ago
read during my AIG YearsI Remember: surely Sayers can do better... the intriguing mystery gets lost in the unceasingly tedious recounting of all the various permutations of a train schedule... chapter after chapter of train schedules... TRAIN SCHEDULE, TRAIN SCHEDULES, STOP IT ALREADY!... where are ...
Kim Reads and Bakes
Kim Reads and Bakes rated it 10 years ago
There were plenty of things about this book that I loved: Lord Peter lapsing into blank verse, the accents of the various characters as re-created by the audiobook narrator, the setting, the re-enactment of the crime. However, I was frequently lost in the timetable discussions and I found it very di...
saugat rated it 11 years ago
Not one of my favourite Peter Wimsey novel.
What I'm reading
What I'm reading rated it 13 years ago
This one was difficult in a way I didn't except : the Scottish accent in print. It definitely adds colours and atmosphere but it's a pain to read. The whole five of the six suspects are red herring is interesting but gets a bit muddle near the end. The culprit is found and the police is told in a ex...
Vera rated it 15 years ago
I cannot put enough emphasis on my recommendation NOT TO READ THIS BOOK. All the dialogue is written 'phonetically' to help you get a real sense of the Scots accent and the plot revolves around British country train timetables! Two boring things that are very boring together. Actually, Wodehouse and...
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