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The Fry Chronicles - An autobiography - Community Reviews back

by Stephen Fry
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XOX rated it 7 years ago
Reading Stephen Fry is like talking to a friend that you haven't seen for a long time, and a friend that have such closeness that make you a bit uneasy at time, but endearing after a while. Imagine talking to someone who like to tell intimate details of his life, while sipping English tea with bis...
Mallory Kellogg, Chubbygirlreads
Mallory Kellogg, Chubbygirlreads rated it 7 years ago
DNF at page15 This review in no way impacts my love for Stephen Fry. It's just that this book was seriously hard to keep up with. It was written in a flowery classic English style much like a Jane Austen book, and I had a lot of trouble keeping everything straight. I tend to read while my son is r...
Bloodorange rated it 7 years ago
This was such a lovely read! Memorable stories, great narration, and lots of namedropping (see under characters), it this is something you're not averse to. Highly enjoyable.
A Scottish-Canadian Blethering On About Books
I enjoyed this second stage of Fry's autobiography, which covers eight years only: his college life, and his early professional life in stage and television comedy in Britain. As with the previous volume, there's lots of introspective rambling (a feature I enjoy) and plenty of anecodotes. There are ...
halfmanhalfbook rated it 8 years ago
A must read for any of Fry's fans
REALJimBob rated it 9 years ago
It is a rare individual who warrants multiple volumes of autobiography – Stephen Fry joins the heady society of Russell Brand and Chris Moyles in such a belief. Whereas Moab is My Washpot covers his childhood years – growing up, family life, schools, getting thrown out of schools, and ending up in p...
Amy Reads Books
Amy Reads Books rated it 9 years ago
Stephen Fry is probably what many people would describe as a 'national treasure' here in the UK. His status is such, that just his surname and his photo can be featured on the front cover of The Fry Chronicles and people know exactly who he is. If you are unaware of Stephen Fry's work, he is probabl...
Words, Words, Words
Words, Words, Words rated it 10 years ago
A witty, honest look into Mr. Fry's young adulthood, from his years at Cambridge to the launch of A Bit of Fry and Laurie. As with much of his work, The Fry Chronicles is carried by his wit and intelligence and his ability to turn a critical eye towards himself. This book is as filled with amusing a...
Vera rated it 10 years ago
Not as much Emma Thompson as I would have liked. Nor as much of anyone else, really, just anecdotes and asides. A number of Goodreads reviews complain that the book has too much name-dropping but a girl has to ask: who else would Stephen Fry know? What is celebrity autobiography but a famous person'...
Book Trauma
Book Trauma rated it 10 years ago
I never thought I'd want to swat someone I so admire but I found Stephen's marginalizing of himself and his accomplishments exasperating. By the second half of the book I wanted to swat him for being an unrelenting twit. Still, I enjoyed the book as it let me see into his very manic brain.This is we...
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