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The Furthest Station - Community Reviews back

by Ben Aaronovitch
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Lora Hates Spam
Lora Hates Spam rated it 1 year ago
by Ben Aaronovitch This seventh book in the Rivers of London series is shorter than the others, just over 100 pages. I was pleased to be dealing with ghosts again as they have a lot of scope for interesting situations and glimpses of history. I also enjoyed the return to dealing a little with ri...
Darth Pedant
Darth Pedant rated it 2 years ago
This novella somehow managed to simultaneously deliver a full story with a satisfying conclusion and leave me feeling like it was way too short. It was good to see Nightingale out in the field again, however briefly, and Abigail is really growing on me. Beverly makes an appearance, and Peter remembe...
Abandoned by Booklikes
Abandoned by Booklikes rated it 3 years ago
Well this was a nice look into Peter and Nightingale that for once did not involve The Faceless Man or Lesley. There is still something hovering over this book though that makes me think they may be trying to turn or did turn another character to their side and that's getting a bit old to me. We do ...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 3 years ago
Peter Grant has to investigate reports of ghosts on the metropolitan line, he's stymied by the fact that people forget the event shortly after it happens but there's something not right going on, his cousin is also getting caught up in the entire supernatural stuff.It's entertaining and will keep me...
Burgoo rated it 4 years ago
This is less about BIG IMPORTANT STUFF and more about just hanging out with the characters. I thought there was an underlying silver age vibe to all of this. Very enjoyable for what it is.
Tannat rated it 4 years ago
Series: Rivers of London/Peter Grant #5.7 (not sure why it isn't 5.5) This novella is an excellent little interlude with a mystery involving ghosts on the Underground and showcases many of our favourite characters: Nightingale, Toby, Abigail, Jaget, and Molly. Even Guleed gets a mention although s...
Mike Finn
Mike Finn rated it 4 years ago
The combination of Ben Aaronvitch's witty, observant, compassionate prose with Kobna Holdbrook-Smith's nuanced narration is irresistible. For most of the book, I listened with a smile on my face as Peter Grant shares his views on people, architecture, policing and music while navigating another we...
Url Phantomhive
Url Phantomhive rated it 4 years ago
This was so much fun!For years I've been a great fan of the series (I could rage for hours about how I always have to wait just shy of an entire year for the right edition to be published, but that is another case), so I was delighted when I got this review copy of The Furthest Station. It's only ab...
Irresponsible Reader
Irresponsible Reader rated it 4 years ago
He asked if we were really ghost hunting, and I said we were. “What, like officially?” “Officially secret,” I said because discretion is supposed to be, if not our middle name, at least a nickname we occasionally answer to when we remember. This novella hit the spot -- a short, but fully develo...
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