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The Gaslight Dogs - Community Reviews back

by Karin Lowachee
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Mike Finn
Mike Finn rated it 1 year ago
In 'The Gaslight Dogs', Karin Lowachee has built a powerful, convincing vision of a world in the throes of a familiar colonial conflict, has populated it with real people who have very little in common except their enforced servitude and then added an original, credible supernatural twist that gives...
Amelia's Reviews
Amelia's Reviews rated it 8 years ago
I really had issues with this book. I fought to even like the characters presented and even now that I have finished it I cannot even really say that I enjoyed the book. There was so much back story that was hinted at but never explained that I finished the book more frustrated than satisfied. Every...
susanvoss18 rated it 9 years ago
The story switches back and forth between Sjenn’s point of view and that of Jarrett’s, capturing the two main cultures. Set in a gaslight world of seven deities and warring tribes and the ever pressing Sairlanders, Karin Lowachee transports the reader into the hearts and minds of two complicated cha...
Pants' Books & Stuff!
Pants' Books & Stuff! rated it 10 years ago
(originally posted on my livejournal account: http://intoyourlungs.livejournal.com/26721.html)Back in 2010 I read and really enjoyed Lowachee's Warchild, so when I saw that The Gaslight Dogs was chosen as the November pick for The Women of Fantasy book club, I was more than pleased.Overall, I liked ...
ambyr rated it 10 years ago
This may not be the worst-paced book I've ever read, but it's certainly in contention for the title. It's not helped by the publisher's decision to release it without any hint that it is (the Internet tells me) book one of a series. (Why do you do this, publishers? Why?) But even if I'd known going ...
Chris' Fish Place
Chris' Fish Place rated it 11 years ago
Have you ever heard Inuit thoart singing? I recently heard a musical composition for Nanook of the North, and it incorpated the style. If you are a Westener, it's strange, very beautiful, type of music. It's almost like purring cats, except it's not; it really sounds like walking on the snow and ...
Autumn Adventures
Autumn Adventures rated it 11 years ago
I mulled over this novel all weekend, avoided writing a review or rating it until I could cogently summarize my reactions. A four star rating in this instance, while warranted, doesn't accurately reflect my feelings. I didn't like this story, but I loved the writing. Vivid, sometimes visceral, ye...
Gender- and genre-bending
Gender- and genre-bending rated it 11 years ago
I am about halfway through this, and I am afraid I'll have to either put it on hold, or mark it as 'did not finish'. I really wanted to like this book. I mean, fantasy/steampunk with Inuits? How great is that? Unfortunately, it's just isn't as good as I was hoping it would be. The characters are uni...
Kaethe rated it 11 years ago
"Inuit steampunk" says Scalzi, which may or may not be accurate, but sounds awesome.
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