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The Lost World - Community Reviews back

by Arthur Conan Doyle
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Elentarri's Book Blog
Elentarri's Book Blog rated it 3 years ago
An entertaining romp in a lost world. Illustrations from the abridged Ladybird Children's Classic. illustrations
CarlAlves rated it 6 years ago
The Lost World is a science fiction novel without much actual science to it, which shouldn’t be that surprising considering that it was written by one of the time’s premier mystery writers. It’s really more an adventure tale than anything, and has quite a bit of interesting elements to it. A group o...
My Book Life
My Book Life rated it 6 years ago
The Sherlock Holmes stories are hands down my favorite. I re-read them all of the time, especially if I found myself in a reading slump. The reasons for this are many, but I mentioned it because I have never read any other works by Arthur Conan Doyle. This year I made a goal to fix that small pro...
Gurglings of a Putrid Stream
Gurglings of a Putrid Stream rated it 7 years ago
The things we do for love. The Lost World begins with our hero, Edward Malone, wanting desperately to propose to his ladylove, Gladys, and being thwarted because, as a mere reporter, he isn't adventurous enough for her. Not that she wants adventures herself; she simply wants to bask in reflected glo...
Bettie's Books
Bettie's Books rated it 8 years ago
bookshelves: adventure, classic, fraudio, play-dramatisation, sci-fi, fantasy Read in March, 2009 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - 'The Lost World' FULL CAST AUDIOBOOK (2008 )This book is another entry in this popular range of fantastical dramas from the BBC archive. This production of "The Lost World", ...
Reading Slothfully
Reading Slothfully rated it 8 years ago
I'm not sure I knew Doyle did rather a lot of stuff other than Sherlock Holmes. I probably should have. He was an author after all, and he did contrive to kill off Holmes at the end of one of his series of stories, probably so he could get on with other things. Then, he did bring Holmes back for ano...
denisebetteridge rated it 8 years ago
Look out! There's a Pterodactyl loose in London! This was as good as reading a comic book, or what I would imagine a comic book to be like anyway. Action all the way, fast forwarding through the boring parts, punchy descriptive words- no way of getting bored with this one. I enjoyed the fact that Do...
buchflimmern rated it 9 years ago
I couldn't enjoy this adventure properly. It's inhabited by racist comments, and this distracted me to a point where I considered putting the book away. I know it's an old story, but that doesn't really make it any better. Not to speak of gender issues. I felt this sotry was a short story stretched ...
Sesana rated it 9 years ago
This was a no-brainer for me. Dinosaurs! In the Amazon! I was completely on board for a classic adventure, and that's exactly what I got. The standout feature here, dinosaurs aside, are the adventurers themselves. There's the standard "great white hunter" character, the most likeable of the bunch, a...
Ironic Contradictions
Ironic Contradictions rated it 9 years ago
As a classic of action/adventure I really enjoyed this novel. However the accompanying short stories were less to my appreciation as they were in no means memorable. The prose of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is magnificent although I must admit I prefer the style he adopts for his Sherlock Holmes stories....
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