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The Secrets She Carried (Mills & Boon Modern) - Community Reviews back

by Lynne Graham
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The better to see you, my dear
The better to see you, my dear rated it 8 years ago
This one sucked so hard, I had to invent new shelves to separate it from already awful books I've tripped with. I can't even put it under the deep-fried-twinky category because it doesn't stand up to guilty pleasure. Not even the sickening kind. Just sickening. Nor could I put it under cheap-romance...
Romance Books Reviews & Treats
Romance Books Reviews & Treats rated it 9 years ago
Heroine accepts her ex-boyfriend Hero’s blackmail to have a weekend of sex with him in exchange for his keeping her supposed company thievery a secret from her new boss. She just now finds out the reasons why he suddenly broke up their 1-year relationship 3 years ago. He not only thought that she st...
Julz's Jewels
Julz's Jewels rated it 9 years ago
Well, grrr! No big long review since I just accidentally closed it out before posting. Basically, secret baby trope times two. The tall, dark, sexy, Greek hero get's a lot of misinformation about the heroine, dumps her like the slut she was (because these Harley girls are always giving it out, ri...
Lynsey A's Love of Romance
Lynsey A's Love of Romance rated it 52 years ago
In the beginning there was so much description and hardly any dialogue, I thought this would be terrible. It actually wasn't too bad. I wasn't a big fan of the hero. He was a jerk but got a bit better in the end. I liked how Erin stood up to him and I really liked it when she dumped the bottle of ch...
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