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The Turning - Community Reviews back

by Jennifer Armintrout
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Wortmagieblog rated it 6 years ago
Mir ist ein peinlicher Fauxpas passiert. Wie ihr sicher alle wisst, ist Jennifer L. Armentrout eine äußerst erfolgreiche, populäre Autorin. Sie wird von vielen Blogger_innen glühend verehrt. Ich hingegen habe bisher noch nie etwas von ihr gelesen, wollte das aber mit „The Turning“ nachholen. Dumm nu...
BUGGY rated it 7 years ago
Opening Line: “I read a poll in the newspaper once that said the number one fear of Americans aged eighteen to sixty-five is public speaking. Spiders are second and death is a distant third.”Wow, this was a fun. Not quite what I was expecting but as it turned out a great ride. For some reason I went...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 8 years ago
Dr Carrie Ames is a new doctor, not quite sure that this is the best future for her but willing to give it a try until she's attacked in the emergency room. When she starts to change and isn't sure of what's going on she goes looking for answers and is almost killed before being rescued. The vampi...
Fangs for the Fantasy
Fangs for the Fantasy rated it 9 years ago
Dr. Carrie Ames is a new doctor, overworked but driven, skilled and determined. Right until a John Doe arrives in her emergency room who simply shouldn’t be alive. He doesn’t last long but he shakes her to the core – enough for her to go check on his body in the morgue. Only to find that body healed...
Rainy Day Reader
Rainy Day Reader rated it 9 years ago
This book sucked me in from the start, kinda like a horror movie. I have to admit I really didn't like Carrie at first. She was in my opinion a cold hearted bitch because of her memories of being a bully in childhood through med school. A lot of the stuff that happens in this book with her sire sick...
Not Your Mother's Author
Not Your Mother's Author rated it 9 years ago
Torn on this book. Think it's a solid 3.5 stars for me. I liked the characters, but the heroine, Carrie, drove me a little batty with her flip-flopping between the "good" guy and "bad" guy. I'm also not crazy about the overall vampire mythology in this book. Found the sire bond on the creepy side. T...
Chris' Fish Place
Chris' Fish Place rated it 9 years ago
Disclaimer: I picked this up because I liked the author’s blog.The one thing I really hate about Goodreads is the fact that I can’t give half stars. Sometimes something is more than “liked it” but not quite “really liked it”. This is a 3.5 or higher, but not quite a four. Here’s why it’s not qui...
meganbaxter rated it 9 years ago
Ugh. This book is terrible. The author never met a stereotype she didn't like (not just for vampires), and it is just full of sloppy prose like soft carpets that cut the heroine's skin like razors. Rug burn, I might believe. Razors? No.The main character is a driven doctor, her boss is a hard-assed ...
Debbie's Spurts
Debbie's Spurts rated it 9 years ago
Got ebook omnibus/bundle of this series. Made it thru most of second book. Past first chapter, despite liking author's earlier series, could not get into characters or the storyline. Skimmed chapters of rest and just never caught my interest. Was definitely "urban fantasy" and way too violent (s...
la tessitrice
la tessitrice rated it 10 years ago
New vampire in helpless thrall to her maker? I kept waiting for the main character to grow a spine. Or a personality. Then I decided I was too bored to wait any longer and gave up.
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