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La Mala *the mean girl*
La Mala *the mean girl* rated it 7 years ago
Kindred's Reading Challenge: #4 A poetry collection
Leopard rated it 8 years ago
Preamble (to be skipped)I've been reading some poetry reviews by readers who are evidently lovers of prose, not poetry. Here are some ramblings motivated by those reviews. Poetic prose is very admirable; prosodic poetry is not. It is very, very, very difficult to write a good love poem, because ther...
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 8 years ago
I once decided to read through this list of 100 Significant books--there were only 3 women on that list: Jane Austen, George Eliot, and Emily Dickinson. Many would name her as the greatest women poet, and there are few rivals for the title of best American poet. She's definitely a personal favorite ...
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha rated it 8 years ago
Mine is/was a 25 year old paper copy - ed by Thomas H Johnson - I decided it should go off to the used book store since it was starting to degrade at the binding (pages will some come out). I'll look to get this in ebook form in future, if I want a reread. I read this for a class in college , but ...
narfna rated it 11 years ago
To be fair, I haven't read all 17 million of these poems. I only have to know six of them for my exams, but I have to know them REALLY WELL. So.
Lavinia rated it 12 years ago
Rich in details, poetic, of course, but somehow mixed with day-to-day experiences and little nothings
futurista rated it 52 years ago
I just read all of these to choose some poems to include in an American literature lesson on Dickinson. Taken as a whole, there's no other conclusion to reach except that she was just a bit addled in the head. So many of her poems just leave you wondering what in the world she's talking about or how...
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