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Thornyhold - Community Reviews back

by Mary Stewart
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Lora Hates Spam
Lora Hates Spam rated it 1 year ago
by Mary Stewart I can see why this is considered one of Mary Stewart's best among her Mystery books. In some ways it shows its age and screams 'pulp', yet it is written with the skill I've seen used in her Merlin series and once it gets going, holds attention and really made me want to know what w...
By Singing Light
By Singing Light rated it 5 years ago
In September I’ll be going back to some of Mary Stewart’s books, finishing up with Thornyhold. Spoilers will be everywhere! Consider yourself warned. Thornyhold is one of Stewart’s late books, published in 1988. Interestingly, she sets it earlier, with Gilly writing down the story of her youth as ...
Murder by Death
Murder by Death rated it 5 years ago
Interesting... unexpected in a lot of ways. Not sure what to really say about it beyond I enjoyed it and found it an easy story to fall into. Gilly has a lonely childhood, punctuated by rare visits from her mother's lively, magical cousin and namesake. After the death of Gilly's parents, she get...
Bright and Shiny Shiny
Bright and Shiny Shiny rated it 5 years ago
4.5Not much happened but Mary Stewart described it oh so beautifully that it didn't matter!
Rough Draft Hero
Rough Draft Hero rated it 6 years ago
Pretty silly, but nice.
Sharon E. Cathcart
Sharon E. Cathcart rated it 7 years ago
When Gilly Ransom inherits her cousin Geillis Saxon's home, Thornyhold, she also inherits a stillroom and a reputation as the new "local witch." A neighbor child, William, brings her a ferret to heal; pigeons start showing up in her loft, and Geillis' cat, Hodge, returns after disappearing.Then ther...
KizunaYueMichaelis rated it 9 years ago
This is the 3rd book I read from Mary Stewart, and what I liked about this one and about Nine Coaches Waiting is the feeling of danger and suspense in the story. The funny thing is that in Thornyhold, there was nothing really dangerous for Gilly, the main character, but like 90% of the book it seeme...
lauracrean5 rated it 10 years ago
A beautiful, magical story, just right for a winter's read by a crackling fire. If you love magic and you are a girly-girl romantic, you'll love this story.
By Singing Light
By Singing Light rated it 10 years ago
I was much more caught by this than I generally am by Stewart. I think the touch of magic added a sense of wonder that deepened the whole thing. Also, I did not completely disbelieve the whole romance. So, you know, that helped. [Nov. 2011]
jemidar rated it 10 years ago
Really 4.5 stars.
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