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Discussion: Problems with Blockquotes Within Reviews in Booklike's Free Themes
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Sorry if this has already been covered, but I wasn't able to find a way to fully search these discussions. Not really sure where to add this because it's not just a feature request, and there may be a bug issue.

Problem 1: There's no way to see what blockquotes in a review/post look like when you choose a theme. There's a lot of sample content so you can see what that will look like in your theme, but unfortunately none of that content contains a block quote within a text review. So the only way to see what blockquote formatting looks like is to chose the theme, save it, and then look at your blog on its webpage.

Could a block quote be added to the sample content for each theme?

Problem 2: Two of the themes have some readability problems as far as blockquotes go. I'm sure fixing this is easy in the CSS, but I'm still figuring that out, not to mention how to edit it within the Booklikes system - and in the meantime I thought I'd show the examples of what I'd like to change.

I posted screenshots of all four free theme in this blog post:


But I'll try adding them here:


Specific problem: Light colored font, dark colored background. Fine for a quote of only a few sentences, not good for reading multiple paragraphs. Also the linked font can disappear, but I think that's due to my own color choices. (Otherwise I love the ability to choose and change colors, and I love this layout design. It's what I'd be using if I could just tweak the quotes.)

Custom Colors:

Specific problems: The font is somewhat difficult to read here. But the text itself isn't wrapping around the image of the book as usual. Also I always set my blockquotes to align left (default seems to be centered, which is strange, but I can work with) - but for some reason in this theme my text is again center aligned. (In the blog post linked above I show what this same quote looks like in all 4 of the themes, so the alignment is just a problem in this one. This is another design layout I really like and would use - but the blockquote problem is something I can't fix myself.)

To change the blockquote style for the Bundled theme, add the following code to the Custom CSS box while in the customisation window (scroll to the very bottom):

div.post-content blockquote {
color: #000;
border-color: #FFF;
background-color: #FFF;

The colour #000 will make it black, while the colour code #FFF will make it white. You can change these colour codes to anything you want... you can find a colour chart/selector here: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_colorpicker.asp

I changed the Custom Colours theme blockquote before when a BL user said they didn't like the blockquote showing up behind/next to the book or it might have been blocking the book? I can't remember, but it was changed for a reason. :P To change this you would have to add the following code to the custom CSS box (and I can't guarantee it's going to work because the quotation styling sort of makes things complicated to change with just the custom CSS box):

div.post-desc blockquote, div.post-desc-norm blockquote, div.post-quote {
text-align: left;
clear: none;
font-family: Arial,Tahoma,Verdana,sans-serif;
font-size: 14px;

The Custom Colours theme was my first attempt at making a theme... so it's not the greatest available. Sorry for that! It's also difficult to design a theme when I am limited to the amount of variations (for example, how you've mentioned that you use blockquotes more than average) that other users will use in their posts. If you still have issues with either theme, please feel free to send me a private message. I will need you to activate the theme on your blog to see the actual problem and analyse the code (can't check code specifics with screenshots, unfortunately!) or provide a link to a post that has the specific issue... that should work too.

Thank you for giving my themes a shot... I hope I can improve them for you and anyone else that is using them. :)

ETA: I ask that you send me a private message only because I don't often check these discussion boards and you can catch me throughout the day much quicker through a method that will alert me by email notification.
The link colours inside the blockquote was indeed a bug (for the Bundled theme). I am fixing this now, will send BL the updated files soon... should be applied at least before or by Thursday of this week (I think that is the day they apply changes/updates).

I am changing the blockquote background to the lighter colour visible where the tags are and changing the text colour to black. The reason why I had selected a background colour for the blockquote is because when you blockquote text right beside the book... there really is no way to tell if it is a blockquote or not, the space provided beside the book is small so that the indent is barely visible. If the carry down below the book is something that bugs you, you might consider not blockquoting the text beside the book... there really is very little difference (IMHO).

As for the Custom Colours theme... that one needs a serious overhaul and I'll see what I can do to get the blockquotes looking better. I might just remove the quote marks styling so that they just appear the way they do in the Bundled theme.

Thanks for the feedback (I tracked down a post on your blog that has the quotes examples which I will use to make the necessary changes). Anywho, I'll update here again once the changes have been applied by the BL staff. :)
Hi, we've updated the design themes with new files from our designer. It should be OK now.
Thank you for letting us know and than you Ungh... Arrr... Books! for making such great blog templates and for quick corrections :)
I just reblogged your post about this Baelkina/Ungh... Arrr... Books! That was way quicker than expected! And I was totally clueless that you were the designer - which I should have remembered because I follow your blog and you posted there when you introduced them both. (Duh.) Also I now wish I had saved some of the code tweaks I attempted to do for Custom Colors on my own (with random code hints from other sites) because I managed to mess up the main design in a really ugly way. (Thankfully all offline.) I'm actually going to take the advice in your first post and try it offline too, just to see if I can manage it. (I've struggled with CSS before and it won. But I'd like to eventually figure it out.)

Anyway, an example of what Custom Colors looks like in one of my quote heavy posts:

Of course now I have a problem, because you designed Bundled and I like that too. So it's likely I'll now have to dither over which to use!

I really appreciate the fast work of both designer and Booklikes in this - I was actually expecting this to be something that'd take weeks/months to get around to, because it's not what I thought was a particularly critical problem.

@Booklikes - if one of the devs could eventually add a blockquote in one of the sample review text in the customize screen that would really help. Especially for people purchasing themes, so they'd be able to see what that would like like within each design.
If you are looking for some websites to learn a little more about CSS, here are a few I use:
HTMLDog - I'm actually using this website at the moment to learn javascript! Very easy to follow tutorials. :)
W3Schools - I use this website all the time whenever I forget specific property codes, which is often. :P
CSS-Tricks - I go to this website whenever I am in the mood to try my hand at more advanced stuff because they give great examples that make it easy.

I personally like Bundled best because going in I knew what to expect with coding the twig files--Custom Colours is the notebook theme with some minor tweaks, what I used to figure things out initially. I am working on a new theme right now too, which I hope will be even better.

The quick turnaround is mostly because I am unemployed atm. All the projects I'm working on right now are art related (with self-imposed deadlines), which some might consider a job, but I just consider them fun things to do while I decide on a new career path. ^_^;
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