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Discussion: Asshat Updates
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created by: Indie Angie
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SS of new asshat action will be posted here. This way, the views to the sites can be minimized.

Rick's new blog post about Athena
He is almost sounding rational (for him). Of course I haven't a clue how he gets from Athena is a fraud and troll to gangs of cyber bullies on Amazon.

Maybe I should read it again. Nah!
Um, this ^^.

It's even more preposterous than his bullshit about the Big 6 sending out 'troll gangs' to destroy Indie authors.

He really lost it at the part about Amazon taking over SPA's GRs profiles to do their spying. And he was doing so well before that.

New babble on STGRB aka F&G about Carpet Bombers. "JBG" also confirms Rick is no longer in AAA and STGRB is now actively promoting the group. It should be noted Melissa Douthit joined the group on Oct. 18.


Here is a comment from "JBG" where she contradicts what she wrote a few days ago about Rick. Plus, she attacks and outs BBA Jac Wright. There's also a glimpse of the power struggles inside AAA. Keep in mind that the mod Rick fought with weeks ago was Gail Briggs. She is no longer in AAA either.

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If he thinks so little of you why did he follow you here? (I say 'you' because I haven't been singled out by any of the asshats, but friends of mine have).
Obviously, for no other reason than his ego.
I usually stay under the radar. I just shelve and watch. Every once in a while someone will find one of my non reviews and make some kind of remark. I was kinda hoping that even though he was here he would be smart enough to stay away but I guess not.
Me too. I noticed he commented on one of Miranda's also. What a nut job!
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He cant let go, can he? I started to feel smth like sympathy for the old bastard lately. Hey, I even sent him a Happy Birthday card via Twitter, but nope. Rick, he is the same clown as always. Rickydick, whats wrong with you? *shakes head*
I'm going to run out of popcorn if this asshattery carries on for much longer.

Screenshots of crazy Rick Carufels last post in the authors against abuse group. That guy is certifiable...
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They act like Melissa has done great things for them, but half of the BBA we've profiled would never have gotten on our radar if they had stayed away from STGRB's bullshit. She convinces them attacking readers will lead to sales and success. Has it worked for anyone ever? No, but then they attack authors like Stacia Kane and Mike Mullins for gaining support by treating readers well. It's just stupid.

Here's Rick's new post about "Athena." It's actually pretty funny since she IS talking to herself. Anony Mouse is definitely Melissa.

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Needless to say, on their last carpet bombing article, they are incorrect claiming that GR busted my reviews. I removed all of my activity, myself. But, because they thought it necessary to stir all of this up, I put all of the one star ratings back on GR.
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And they will not correct it, either. They are happy to take any praise, even if it is false praise based on inaccurate assumptions.
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"They are happy to take any praise, even if it is false praise based on inaccurate assumptions."

Just about everything they post is false, based on inaccurate assumptions.

Whatever isn't false based on inaccurate assumptions is false based on blatant lies.
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