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Discussion: Asshat Updates
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Thanks for those, Miss Megan.

My favorite was Dismuke's "wandering authors."

He nailed it. Too many of these authors' hands wandered onto a keyboard and they uploaded the resulting nonsense thinking it would pass for a book.
Come on, guys! They post some hard hitting stories over there. I mean, just look at the comment below. How can I ever trust anything I read on the Dear Author site after something like this?


I'm assuming my sarcasm is obvious. ;-)
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** Snicker.** Loved how she called out Jane for not being a 'journalist' on a site that is CLEARLY not ran by professional journalists either. What a backhanded insult. Hilarious. So between that and the WTF pumpkin-pie spice reveal, they are really scraping at finding insults to fling.
That whole site is a backhanded insult. They don't even realize that every post and comment is making them look like even bigger idiots.

I'm not surprised Dogshit's shutting it down. Over a year of not only diddling herself but wanking off the others? There's one in particular that seems like he needs constant attention, too. Her arms must be exhausted. ;-)
Well fucking duh, "JBG!"

Melissa outs Jac Wright as Jenni Wickham (we did that in Aug) and calls her a liar (again we've been there, done that).

(hide spoiler) (show spoiler)
So has Melissa gone back and deleted all her posts where she was supporting Jac and Jenni because the meany bullies were all just jellus haterz? It must be a bloody nightmare for her having to go back and delete everything that makes her look like a complete idiot.
They have such fucking short memories. Just last Feb they ran an article called "The Bullies Get Played" where they defend just this sock-puppet practice and laugh about some of their members creating the sock account A-Hole on Goodreads (G Faso on Amazon, who is also Punked Punx on Facebook, is Ahole on GR). And now Faso/Punked/AHole is on Facebook telling Rick he is a 'very sick man' for doing what she does? And they go after Jenni because she is also Jac? Oh, this is just pure entertainment.
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Almost correct with Punked, but we know who created the acct.
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I think she just really doesn't care anymore and she's talking shit on anyone who ever got on her nerves.

She's actually got a lot more material to work with now that she's going after her own people.
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"It must be a bloody nightmare for her having to go back and delete everything that makes her look like a complete idiot."

She'd have to remove the whole blog to do that!
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I have a SS: Athena Parker Continues To Help Goodreads And It´s Trolls, Oct 21, 2013


Its rather sad. Mentions ever so often how is an old, disabled writer, more empty ? threats against Athena, and he "proves" that she is conspiring with GR against him. Sort of.
Wow! Just wow.

**reaches for the popcorn**
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Well, as long as they're all busy attacking each other it means they aren't attacking anyone else. So...have at it! *adds beer to the popcorn*
*Hands out free popcorn for all. Playing the host and all that*

Yeap, I mean Melissa sure did go lengths to look as cray cray as possible but Rick...boo, boo. His threats were going nowhere so far but *if* he really starts to dig up her records then its open warfare, and I certainly dont wanna stand in between those two.
Somebody got a "lucrative" book deal from a "prestigious" publisher but isn't sure if they want to take it.
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