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Discussion: Asshat Updates
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Does it make me cynical that my first thought upon reading about Melissa's ""lucrative" book deal from a "prestigious" publisher" was: "Don't believe a word of it."
Hey look. Melissa and Athena have the same friends. Wow, that's a coincidence isn't it?
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Cynical? No. Realistic? Yes.
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Of course it's a coincidence! Would Athenalissa try to deceive us?

I mean, would Melissena try to deceive us?

Dang, I can't keep those two straight!
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I'm with you.
Plus the entertainment value is a bonus.
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How did you get a screenshot using a Fire?
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It's the HD version ans you have to hold the power button and the volume down button at the same time and it takes a screen shot. I don't believe it works on the original Fire since it doesn't have external volume buttons
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Thanks. I never knew that.
Funny how absolutely none of the bad reviews on Goodreads have affected her ability to get an offer. What exactly is their problem, again? They can't argue that bad reviews = bad sales on one hand and then claim they have no effect.

Then again, no 'prestigious' publisher would be interested in something that's selling so badly. Just watch as she announces she's going to stay indie.
Dumbshit... Offered a lucrative deal from a prestigious publisher?

Yeah, and my arse can play the fucking banjo.
I just wanted to point out how Melissa has deleted around a half dozen posts from F&G in the last couple days. She's cleaning up the attacks on Rick, even while claiming she's not worried. She also deleted a post about Jac Wright/Jenni Wickham, though left others.

I'd say she was cleaning up the site to protect her ass, but she's left so many attacks behind that I'm not sure what the point is for the deletions. :/
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I think it was Huffpo, wasn't it? A while back? They were patting salon on the back for doing their rah-rah Lauren Pippa/is she getting bullied bullshit, I believe.
"I value education. (And I encourage you to go out and get some of that)"

There's a missing period. I just love that there's a missing period and improper grammar when he's telling other people to get an education. Bwahahah!
I forgot Captain Crazy Pants was specific to one of the doofusi and I checked out the wrong one. Finally figured out which one it was. Sheesh, he really is the craziest of the Crazy Pants collective.

I love that he thinks the FBI would send an email (how crazy is that?) to someone, warning them to leave The Crazy alone, and not tell The Crazy that if he wants someone to leave him alone he should probably STOP BLOGGING ABOUT THEM!!!!
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His whole life seems to be obsession.
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