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To Command and Collar - Community Reviews back

by Cherise Sinclair
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MadgeWhitlin rated it 5 years ago
Meh. This is definitely my least favorite Shadowlands book so far. It took several tries for me to get into this one, and I only made it through because I paid for the book and Cherise Sinclair is one of my favorite authors.I'm not sure what it was that kept me from connecting to Master R and Kim, b...
Words and Mayhem
Words and Mayhem rated it 6 years ago
This was by far my favorite out of the series... I know I know the other's were too, but now this one sits at the top of my list in the series! Read this while hanging out in the ER so it made my day bearable!
Angela @ Touch the Night
Angela @ Touch the Night rated it 8 years ago
The first five books in the series have followed a very similar dynamic between the characters - a D/s relationship that involved mostly the power exchange to occur during play, during sex. I admit that's the dynamic that I'm most comfortable with, but what I learned in this book is that Cherise Sin...
Bombshell's Books
Bombshell's Books rated it 8 years ago
This book had all the drama of a romantic suspense novel, but with the darker layers of a masterfully crafted BDSM tale. Thus far, it's my favourite book in Cherise Sinclair's Masters of the Shadowlands series.
Reading Keeps Me Sane
Reading Keeps Me Sane rated it 8 years ago
Love Love this story. Yes yes yes Master. Anything.
Books for Jo
Books for Jo rated it 8 years ago
Since this book was actually my favorite in the series so far I will try to make this an actual review.The book begins were the previous one left us with Raoul invited at a "mini" slave auction were there are only three "damaged" women and three buyers. Raoul goes to this auction with instructions f...
Coffee2words rated it 9 years ago
What to say that hasn't already been said in the other reviews?!Despite the brutality and sometimes a little unbelievable reactions of Kim ( the female lead) I would have to say this is my favourite book in the Masters of the Shadowlands books.It is interesting, that given these books are meant for ...
Aly's Miscellany
Aly's Miscellany rated it 9 years ago
Buddy read with MaruThis was a hard book to read, but I loved every minute of it(without the slaver parts though:D) CS is an amazing writer and I know I'l read all her back list given time(and money)
Marulett rated it 9 years ago
Buddy read with AlyThis series keeps getting better and better with each book. I think this one is my favorite of the series so far.I loved how the characters related with each other and how they evolve throughout the plot.
Books are like Air ...
Books are like Air ... rated it 9 years ago
10/06/2012 Full Review now posted on: http://www.2GeekGirlsReviewBooks.comOverall Rating = 5 StarsBook Cover / Book Blurb = 5 StarsWriter’s Voice = 5 StarsCharacter Development = 5 StarsStory Appreciation = 5 StarsWorth the Chili = 5 Stars [$6.39 on Amazon & B&N]+++++++++++++++++++++++++Full review ...
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