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Wake of Vultures - Community Reviews back

by Lila Bowen
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Merle rated it 3 years ago
I’ll begin with a disclaimer: this isn’t my type of book, though from its marketing I thought it might be. First, because while it has a fantasy plotline, the setting and tone are more horror-tinged paranormal, full of monsters and gruesomeness. Second, because it really is a young-adult novel, in t...
Hooked on Books
Hooked on Books rated it 3 years ago
I LOVED this story! It's going on my 10* favorites shelf. I think you absolutely have to listen to the audio to get the full experience of Nettie Lonesome aka Nat aka Rhett. On the surface it's a dark and gritty, western fantasy but down deep it's a whole lot more then that. The author touches on ...
Burgoo rated it 5 years ago
A fun coming of age story set as a weird western. Some thoughts on the series.
Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 5 years ago
Nettie is an orphan taken in by a couple. They raise her, not kindly or as their own, but as someone to do all of the work and not get paid a dime. She realizes that it's easier to pretend to be a boy, so she does. She also sees herself as more male than female. Nettie is also bi-racial (half Nat...
Folding Paper & Spilling Ink
Folding Paper & Spilling Ink rated it 5 years ago
I'm a sucker for weird west tales, and this one delivered in spades - it had all the trappings of a western with elements of fantasy and horror stirred in for flavor. Creepy twists on old monsters, a setting so adeptly crafted it felt real, and a pitch perfect western tone. Two of the quotes on the ...
MarkAlan rated it 5 years ago
This is a wonderful book, and the final scene is perfect. I'm really looking to book 2. Here's the book blurb: Nettie Lonesome lives in a land of hard people and hard ground dusted with sand. She's a half-breed who dresses like a boy, raised by folks who don't call her a slave but use her like o...
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