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Winter's Child - Community Reviews back

by Cameron Dokey
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Lizzie the Sarcastic Blonde
Lizzie the Sarcastic Blonde rated it 7 years ago
I decided that I had to read this book right away after seeing Frozen. I'm obsessed with that movie and I listen to "Let it Go" on a daily basis. Not kidding. I also read too much Jelsa FanFic. I have a problem. Not gonna even try to deny it at all. I also want to say that the girl on the cover is...
A Sea of Stars
A Sea of Stars rated it 9 years ago
2.5 stars. Retelling of "The Snow Queen." I only liked Dierde as a character. I loved her story and was pleasantly surprised at her characterization. I loved that she was not a villain. Kai was a stupid character that I cared not for. He annoyed me. Grace was okay, I guess. I wasn't believing the wh...
debzbookshelf rated it 10 years ago
Quickly, I want to point out that the description from Goodreads has several flaws. First, it's Grace's grandmother who tells the stories, not Kai's. Second, when Kai is enticed to leave, it isn't a dream, He's wide awake and willing follows the actual Winter Child, which leads me to the third probl...
Olivia's Books, Quotes and Opinions
Olivia's Books, Quotes and Opinions rated it 10 years ago
My almost completed review just disappeared with an uncontrolled flick of my finger and I am too frustrated to start afresh. So, I am just going to sprout some random points that explain why I do not recommend the book and why I won't try to read anything else by the author in the future:- The book ...
The Blair Book Project
The Blair Book Project rated it 10 years ago
So where do I begin? I find this book rather strange. Weird. I don’t know. Usually, when I finished reading a book, I’d hear myself utter a word or two about what I felt about the book; like, “Wow” or “That was fun.” But there are moments, once in a while, that when I turn over the last page, I find...
Allusion is not Illusion
Allusion is not Illusion rated it 10 years ago
I think I've pinpointed why Dokey and this series in general do not work for me. It's just the low quality of the writing and plotting, which is disappointingly lowest-common-denominator-tween-cliche. It's not primarily the tendency to eviscerate the source material, although that does bother me, es...
Miss Clark
Miss Clark rated it 12 years ago
An interesting retelling of "The Snow Queen", and I really liked that Dokey made her a heroine rather than the villainness and gave a reason for why she was what she was, which never made any sense in the original.
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