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Wolf Who Rules - Community Reviews back

by Wen Spencer
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traciloudin rated it 6 years ago
I love Wen Spencer's work. This is one of very, very few examples I can think of where a couple kicks ass (together and separately) and both viewpoints manage to keep the reader's interest. Tinker and Wolf both fight to protect people in their own ways, and the characterization of even more minor ch...
Shaykitteh's World of Books
Shaykitteh's World of Books rated it 7 years ago
Spoiler Alert! Since this review is for Book 2 of the Tinker Series, it carries spoilers for Book 1. And so the story of Elfhome continues, with Beloved Tinker of Wind and her husband Wolf Who Rules Wind. At the end of the previous book, Tinker had managed to win free of the oni, create a land-b...
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 8 years ago
The sequel to Tinker, which I hadn't read, and may be one reason this book didn't click with me. The style is decent, but nothing sets it apart. (Other than dropping the f-bomb early and often.) Set in a future Pittsburgh transported to the planet Elfhome, the heroine, Tinker, once human, was made i...
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 8 years ago
Such a good book! I love how Tinker hasn't changed who she essentially is. The tiredness, I think she's pregnant!!! Wonderful series.
Book Hoarders Anonymous
Book Hoarders Anonymous rated it 8 years ago
Ok. 3.5.Thank you for that wonderful refresher course on The Wizard of Oz. I never liked the movie, found the book dumb, and could have done without it being used as a basis for Tinker's dreams. I got the feeling she wasn't impressed with it either. OTOH, it made for some amusing moments there.T...
So, I Read This Book Today . . .
So, I Read This Book Today . . . rated it 9 years ago
I gave a rave review for "Tinker" and continue to do so for "Wolf Who Rules". I did find it somewhat funny that Ms. Spencer decided to call the book after Wolf, as there is actually very little of his presence in the book. He is mostly playing politics throughout the book, until the end, when you fi...
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