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What I am reading
What I am reading rated it 2 months ago
1984 is probably THE book when it comes to dystopian fiction, it is a canonical or if you like „classic“ novel, but now I wonder if it really deserves this status.My dystopian October readings included Evgenij Zamjatins We, which was actually the blueprint for 1984 (believe it or not, but since Orwe...
Aren's Library
Aren's Library rated it 11 months ago
So I'm on a mission to read several dystopians before I get sick of it like I did with the vampires. This one while as disturbing as Brave New World, and seems to be relevant for the 2017-2021 years at the moment, I didn't enjoy it like I did with Brave New World. That being said it is a bit more ...
Moonlit Pages
Moonlit Pages rated it 11 months ago
I am so disappointed and so jealous. I'm jealous of those who read this book and loved it so much they gave it 5 stars. I can see why it's a classic and I can see why so many would love this book but I did not.Parts of it (especially Book 2 - Chapter 9) read like an economic and political textbook a...
Carpe Librum
Carpe Librum rated it 1 year ago
Despite a great narrator, this book was painful to listen to. I understand what Orwell is trying to say with this story, but I've never read a book with violence, sex, and political intrigue that managed to be so excruciatingly boring. I have at times said that great nonfiction is so entertaining ...
Skulls and Coffee
Skulls and Coffee rated it 1 year ago
I finally got "1984" finished. I had started this last year and spent the summer ignoring this one. Turns out that last summer was the calm before the storm and was probably not the best time to be reading anything. Which explains why I've become so hooked on fan fiction. One of the best quotes from...
Words, Words, Words
Words, Words, Words rated it 1 year ago
Is it bad that I had low expectations for this book? I do really love George Orwell's writing, and to be fair it exceeded them easily. I had the same question going into Brave New World: school's teach these just a year or two after you are reading YA dystopias and everyone conscripts them to make p...
juniper green
juniper green rated it 2 years ago
Probably the most boring of the "must-read" dystopias.A "must-read" nonetheless.
Adriana Reads
Adriana Reads rated it 2 years ago
I was assigned this book in high school. I hated it so much I was unable to finish it. Given how well loved this book is, I figured I needed to give it another try as an adult. The perfect opportunity came when it became the first book in the David Bowie Book Club.So what do I think now? Well, a...
a Girl Who Reads
a Girl Who Reads rated it 2 years ago
This Book was Amazing. *** It is the year 1984.Winston Smith, a citizen of Oceania, and a member of the party, wherever he is, he is always watched through telescreens, always in fear of Big Brother. The Party controls everything and forcing people to use a new invented language called Newspeak, to ...
for the record
for the record rated it 2 years ago
I read this book as the first book in our recently established bookclub. Obviously there's no denying the genius of the book. Written in 1948, the imagined world of 1984 is in some ways so close to 2015 it's scary. The book seemed divided into parts, even though there wasn't an actual division...
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