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Reader's Discretion Advised
Reader's Discretion Advised rated it 8 years ago
I tried approaching this like it was completely unrelated to the first book. Must have worked, cuz while it was weird in the beginning, it helped me not think of Ben as a creepy suspicious douchebag.I like the mystery, although there were a lot of odd Hannibal parallels. Maybe I've just got Hannibal...
Aliena's little book corner
Aliena's little book corner rated it 8 years ago
The first one got to me more. But this ones was still a solid 5 stars. I really liked the case and the conflict between Ben and Gavin. Yay, for the ending.
Anuski rated it 8 years ago
Great second part of Power Exchange, with a much more intriguing and interesting crime case that in the first one.Ben and Gavin make an amazing couple, trying to overcome the trauma that leave them with a complete lack of confidence in each other to restore their D/S relationship, and that make the ...
...Bookfanatic rated it 8 years ago
So this is why I read books and don't write them. Sometimes in life I am lucky and I find the words to express what I feel and think. This is not one of those times. 'Power Exchange' was an amazing beginning for Gavin & Ben, it blew me away. Then came 'Safeword' and words fail me as to how I can exp...
hippiedaizy rated it 8 years ago
Can I just say WOW?! Remember in Power Exchange when Gavin loved to be tied up? Well, after his attack he could barely handle being touched. Tied up and restrained so he can't escape. FORGET IT!!! Even with therapy, he's still a mess. Nightmares are hounding him, too. Can he just catch a bre...
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