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100 Pages A Day...Stephanie's Book Reviews
Eddie Durante is the owner of a speakeasy and a mobster under his Uncle, the boss of the Durante family. Eddie is still recovering from the death of his wife, Kate who was killed by the rival Caprice family in a territory dispute. Amidst this, Eddie is notified that the Caprice's have a hit out on ...
...Bookfanatic rated it 6 years ago
Can I just say I really like the cover of this book. So much so that when I was wondering around over on Net Gallery looking for something different to read I caught my eye and to be honest I looked at it for a moment and then I moved on but sure enough after a few minutes I had to go back so I look...
L.K. Evans Blog
L.K. Evans Blog rated it 7 years ago
So this year is starting out great for reading! To boil down the plot, this is basically told from the perspective of an imprisoned princess, Skylar, who is tortured to get her to accept the terms of her usurpers. The book description nails it. It’s an incredibly fast read. I blew through it in ...
100 Pages A Day...Stephanie's Book Reviews
" I am the change they will forever regret!"This is a dark and suspenseful tale of secrets, torture and good against evil. The Kingdom of Mandolyn is is in disarray. The male heir to the throne has died a mysterious death, then the King is found slaughtered is his own bed. The princess' personal ...
Desert Rose
Desert Rose rated it 8 years ago
Even from the synopsis, it is obvious that this book will be a dark one, and probably very deep. The description of an innocent princess in prison, whipped and isolated, gives a pretty good feel for what this story holds. It is deep...it is dark...and it is fantastic. Eloquent and well written, Th...
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