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A Mere Formality - Community Reviews back

by Ilona Andrews
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e_bookpushers rated it 6 years ago
This is actually a re-read but I had to read it again with all of the SFWA kerflunkel.Really enjoy the premise and how the heroine never gives in but is able to manipulate the situation so both sides win.
Sharon L
Sharon L rated it 6 years ago
Ladies and Gentelmen, I believe we have a winner!forgive me while i squeal like a fan girl and dance around...wait, maybe there's a picture to show these kind of things....Nope, I can't find one (which leads me to the thought that using pictures in review is an art of itself, applause).Back to buisn...
Barbara's Booky Blog
Barbara's Booky Blog rated it 7 years ago
The story was confusing at first with three alien powers and many characters but you quickly understand who is who and what is going on. There isn't much action since basically it's an inter-galactic negotiation. It's surprising when the smut starts and a little disappointing that it's all talk. In...
Bitsy's Books
Bitsy's Books rated it 7 years ago
4 out of 5 StarsTo make up for the death of his father during a political banquet, gruff warrior Lord Nagrad demands marriage to quiet unassuming researcher, Deidre. But Deidre isn't so naive and passive as she appears...For a short novella, A Mere Formality packs in well fleshed-out world-building,...
moonic rated it 7 years ago
Strictly speaking, it is not really SciFi. Still, it is a funny, light and entertaining story.
JennyJen rated it 7 years ago
I find that with the Andrews' shorts, I always end up wanting more. This started off as their shorts do - without a glance back to see if you're keeping up. It's was a bit confusing at first, but you quickly get what's going on. The story took a turn for me when I snort/choked at a witty line that I...
myworldinwordsandpages rated it 7 years ago
Deirdre is a member of the special crew mediating the treaty of two worlds. Deirdre is one who does all the research, with her fingers in the computer interface and mind flying through it. Now, Deirdre is on her way to the banquet for the treaty, when the Reigh enter and the tension of this danger...
fr_larsson rated it 8 years ago
A short story, Deirdre finds herself not just an advisory but a part of a deal when compensation is demanded. Confusing? Well, the short story was, too. Took me half the book to understand what i was reading and where, and when it was time for smexin, it faded to black and the story was at its end.I...
Just Talking Books
Just Talking Books rated it 8 years ago
A back story with good info. Enjoyed it
AH@BadassBookReviews rated it 8 years ago
Cute little short story. I enjoyed the little bargaining sessions.
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