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After the End - Community Reviews back

by Alex Kidwell
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Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer
Gosh I Wish I was a Good Writer rated it 6 years ago
Quinn is dying from grief. In walks Brady and now Quinn has a chance if he can learn to let go of the pain and parts of the past. This is beautifully written by Alex Kidwell. There was a pretty good balance handling the pain with relief for the reader. While Brady sees the family that is around him.
Sheziss loves Zeshak
Sheziss loves Zeshak rated it 7 years ago
Recommendation from my mother. She knows I have a weakness for cute MC so she said I totally had to read this one. Normally we agree in books but of course, sometimes we differ. I liked this novel pretty much, it’s cute and light and perfect for a short while, in spite of the topic. Quinn’s partner ...
Ami's Hoard
Ami's Hoard rated it 8 years ago
This was quite lovely story about "picking up yourself and moving on" after losing your partner of 10 years. I'm not going to even pretend to understand the depth of Quinn's grief. So I thought it was quite realistic. One scene that hit the chord with me was when Quinn yelled at his friend: "Is the...
Heller rated it 8 years ago
Two years ago Quinn lost his partner of ten years to cancer. He's been living his life encased in ice, not wanting to move on. His best friend sets him up on a date with Brady, an event manager, who slowly begins chipping away to reach Quinn's heart. This was a story layered with a lot of grief and ...
Reading Books, Reading More Books
Reading Books, Reading More Books rated it 8 years ago
And the award for most boringly perfect boyfriend goes to... Brady!Perfect love interests that swoop in and fix up everything do nothing for me. If a story is going to be centered around a relationship I expect a bit of give and take, love's a two way street and all. Brady and Quinn's romance is hea...
...Bookfanatic rated it 8 years ago
'After the End' was one of the most beautiful stories I've come across in a while. It was heartbreaking and uplifting. It was an amazing story about how love should be, about going on with your life even when you feel like it's lost it's purpose. It grabbed me by the heartstrings and held on until t...
Reader's Discretion Advised
Reader's Discretion Advised rated it 8 years ago
I liked it. I liked it a lot. It was nice, it was sweet, it had good messages, and it wasn't overbearing.D: all teh feelz...It was sweet and adorable and uplifting and I was in a low point in life and needed a nice pick-me-up. And the cover's gorgeous.
She Reads Too Much
She Reads Too Much rated it 8 years ago
This book was soooooooo emotional. I wasn't ready. The grief was so very raw, even two years later, and it just broke my heart. But it was also a beautiful love story, a story of life after the death of a beloved spouse, and about patience and understanding. While I enjoyed the whole book it really ...
Candice rated it 8 years ago
This was both a heartbreaking and wonderful story at the same time. It has actually been a while since a story made me sad and happy at the same time. I felt sorry for Quinn, he was so torn between his grief for Aaron and wanting so much to have a future with Brady, it broke my heart. I was doin...
Ery rated it 8 years ago
3.5 stars. It seems there are a number of stories lately that feature a main character who recently (or within the past few years) lost a much-loved partner. This story, I think, is one of the better tales with that plot line. The characters are both fairly vivid and realistic, if one is a bit too g...
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