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After the Night - Community Reviews back

by Linda Howard
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The Cheapest ROOM
The Cheapest ROOM rated it 4 years ago
I would have liked this book A LOT better if not for Gray, the main character! I hated him since about chapter five. I mean, having sexual thoughts about a 14 year old girl when he was 24? NOT OKAY! I hated how he treated Faith's family! I understand he was hurt. But his behaviour was heartless. I c...
Princess Eva Rose
Princess Eva Rose rated it 4 years ago
I really enjoyed this book.I know shocker! I thought I would hate it, I really did but it was good. I am so happy that I actually like it I feel like this merits a celebration. Howard did some good writing in this one and I really like Faith, she was a strong woman with vulnerabilities that made h...
Angel Edits - Blog
Angel Edits - Blog rated it 5 years ago
White Trash Beautiful meets Gone with the Wind It must've been difficult solving crime before the Internet. This woman does her research using a telephone book and a payphone. She puts a quarter in. Lol. I really identified with Faiths desire to prove herself, "I'm not like them" and to de-romantici...
Casperfitz rated it 5 years ago
★★★★★ Intense Stars!!!! I loved this book!!!! The story goes back from when they were young….Faith Devlin, poor, her family is called trash, her mom the town whore. At a young age of 11, she adored the 19 yrs. old linebacker, Gray Rouillard. Till the age of 14, she loves him, hoping just to see just...
mybookjournal rated it 5 years ago
I picked up this book only because it was always coming as a recommendation for my favorite books like ‘Perfect’ and ‘Paradise’ by Judith McNaught (one of my favorite author) and also I was in a mood to read some 90’s contemporary romantic mystery book and this book served me right. I really liked t...
e_bookpushers rated it 5 years ago
Well I know why I resisted reading this story because I didn't like the blurb. But thanks to Sarah and Alexis I gave it and finally read it. Wow the hero was such an ass for a large amount of the book but I couldn't hate him, even though I tried. I loved seeing his transformation and even though ...
Yona's Book World
Yona's Book World rated it 5 years ago
I didn't really like the beginning. It just didn't feel very realistic - a 11 year old girl falls in love and that love stays with her for 15 years without fading away, even after the way Grey treaded her, before and after. But i loved when the end changed my mind and i ended up loving it. Despite ...
Rashika, The Book Owl
Rashika, The Book Owl rated it 5 years ago
Reasons why this book couldn't get a higher rating- A 22 year old getting a hard on from a 14 year old. If that's not pedophilic (I don't think that's a word but hopefully you know what I mean) than I don't know what is.-Everyone is in love with everyone and sleeping with everyone-I figured out who ...
IrinaZ rated it 5 years ago
One of the best books I've ever read!!!
Kay ~ BayArea BookLover
Kay ~ BayArea BookLover rated it 5 years ago
This is my first Linda Howard book. She has been on my TBR list for the longest and I decided it was about time I try her out. Well, I can definitely see the appeal people have with her books. The writing is done well and there are enough steamy sex scenes. My problem with this book is that the hero...
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