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Wanda's Book Reviews
Wanda's Book Reviews rated it 3 years ago
Star-studded and comprehensive, this imaginative anthology brings a myriad of modern fantasy voices under one roof. Previously difficult for readers to discover in its new modes, urban fantasy is represented here in all three of its distinct styles—playful new mythologies, sexy paranormal romances, ...
beishir rated it 5 years ago
Al Sarrantonio's "Moonbane" is an entertaining Sci-fi / horror novella. If you are able to put critical thinking into autopilot and let someone else take the wheel for a bit, go ahead and give this one a run. If lapses in reality, sometimes brutal lapses, and an "Independence Day" style climax annoy...
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 5 years ago
Anthology. I didn't read them all and I skipped a couple, so my rating is based only on the stories I read. 3.2 stars average. 1. A Bird that Whistles by Emma Bull. A music mentor with something different and a life lesson (?) I liked the story. 3-1/2 stars2. Make a Joyful Noise by Charles de Lint. ...
Lornographic Material
Lornographic Material rated it 6 years ago
I'll be reading a story a day from this collection, and giving each tale a short review as I go along.7/6/2014 "Blood", by Roddy Doyle - Three stars. Very short vamp-or-something-like-a-vamp kinda story. The writing is super quick and easy to read. I dig this author's voice and style. Will be lookin...
we were young and naive still
we were young and naive still rated it 6 years ago
I read only The Coldest Girl in Coldtown and therefore my starring only applies to the aforementioned story.
willaful rated it 6 years ago
I enjoyed most of what I read of this book, but thought it very funny that a book with an entire section for paranormal romance, including a freakin' essay, got it completely wrong. One out of the eight stories ("Seeing Eye" by Patricia Briggs) was paranormal romance. The rest strongly leaned toward...
Randolph "Dilda" Carter
Randolph "Dilda" Carter rated it 7 years ago
Probably the best of the Orangefield novels. Hardboiled detective Bill Grant is Sarrantonio's best realized character and he stays for then entire novel here. Sarrantonio is trying to capture some of the feel of Charles L. Grant's Oxrun Station novels and stories but he just isn't the writer Grant...
Randolph "Dilda" Carter
Randolph "Dilda" Carter rated it 7 years ago
Not a bad book overall. Obviously partially a hack job of trying to connect three independent stories, "Hornets," "Pumpkin Boy," and "Orangefield" into a coherent novel. Hornets and Orangefield are pretty good but Pumpkin Boy is pretty bad.
ezuk rated it 7 years ago
Reviewing an anthology is not an easy task; almost no anthology is perfect. It's like that hackneyed proverbial box of chocolates: You never know what you're going to get when you start a new story. In this particular collection it's even more so, because it's all over the place, thematically speaki...
Midu Reads
Midu Reads rated it 7 years ago
BLOOD by Roddy Doyle★★★A man discovers he has a craving for blood. FOSSIL-FIGURES by Joyce Carol Oates★★★Two brothers, united in birth and death.WILDFIRE IN MANHATTAN by Joanne Harris★★★ The gods may be living right next to you.THE TRUTH IS A CAVE IN THE BLACK MOUNTAINS by Neil Gaiman★★★A father wou...
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