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Ape House - Community Reviews back

by Sara Gruen
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Lornographic Material
Lornographic Material rated it 5 years ago
DNF @ 203 pages out of 306. I'm only rating it because I made it over halfway. The ending could blow my mind, and I still couldn't forgive its bloated-ass middle.Do you know how fucking boring a book has to be for me to put it down past the halfway point? The past fifty pages have been nothing but h...
silverneurotic rated it 5 years ago
Sam, Bonzi, Lola, Mbongo, Jelani, and Makena are no ordinary apes. These bonobos, like others of their species, are capable of reason and carrying on deep relationships - but unlike most bonobos, they also know American Sign Language.Isabel Duncan, a scientist at the Great Ape Language Lab, doesn't ...
Ellinor's Litventures
Ellinor's Litventures rated it 6 years ago
Water for Elephants is a great book and so I was really looking forward to reading this new novel by Sara Gruen. However, I was much disappointed. Everything about it seems ill-constructed and the only thing I cared about in the book were the apes.
LondaLocs rated it 7 years ago
The premise of the book was interesting, but that was the only good thing about it. The story went back and forth between two story lines. One involved Isabel, the researcher who works with the bonobos and who was badly injured in the bombing attack on the lab. The other involved John, a reporter, a...
madbkwm rated it 7 years ago
I only gave 2 stars to Evolution of Bruno Littlemore, which had lots of issues, but dealt with the whole moral/great apes/human dilemma much better overall than this book. Hence, the 1 star rating.I kept trying to picture to myself who would enjoy this book and I think it is the same people who rea...
Readz rated it 7 years ago
Well written, clever story. And heart wrenching. And who doesn't love reading about apes communicating with humana? It's a gripping read - I read it in one sitting (stayed up until 2 am).
Beauty and the Book
Beauty and the Book rated it 8 years ago
I loved Water for Elephants but this book fell a little short of my expectations. It was still a pretty interesting read and I've actually recently learned more about bonobos so I enjoyed reading about them. Overall, pretty good book but I expected too much.
The Word Warehouse
The Word Warehouse rated it 8 years ago
Sara Gruen set the bar so high with Water for Elephants that it's easy to compare the two and say this book is not as good. Still this is well worth reading. Yes, the plot is a bit contrived and call it trite if you must but I believe Sara Gruen's writing has gotten even better.If you think who care...
The BiblioSanctum
The BiblioSanctum rated it 8 years ago
Like a lot of people, I read this book after reading "Water for Elephants". Unlike most of them though, I wasn't impressed with "Water" at all, but decided to read "Ape House" anyway because of the subject of the book. I studied primatology for my physical anthro degree in college, and bonobos were ...
OstensiblyA rated it 8 years ago
I have a lot of conflicting feelings about this book. I love Water for Elephants so much. It is an amazing book. It's kind of hard to tell that the same author wrote this one. The writing itself is fantastic. Sara Gruen has this great way of describing scenes and conveying emotion that really puts ...
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