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Share Halloween Book Bingo - Black Cat Square

Reading list: Halloween Book Bingo - Black Cat Square

Created by: Murder by Death

Book suggestions for the Black Cat Square of the 2016 Halloween Book Bingo.

Please add any books you recommend that either have a black cat in the title, on the cover, or in the story to the comments and I'll add the books ASAP.

Books: 25

Devil May Care - Elizabeth Peters
Devil May Care
Black Cat Crossing - Kay Finch
Black Cat Crossing
The Black Cat Knocks on Wood - Kay Finch
The Black Cat Knocks on Wood
Casting Spells - Barbara Bretton
Casting Spells
Who Do, Voodoo? - Rochelle Staab
Who Do, Voodoo?
The Black Cat - Edgar Allan Poe
The Black Cat
Ceremony in Death - J.D. Robb
Ceremony in Death
Voodoo or Die (Voodoo in Mojo) (Volume 2) - Stephanie Bond
Voodoo or Die (Voodoo in Mojo) (Volume 2)
Diaries of an Urban Panther - Amanda Arista
Diaries of an Urban Panther
The Price - Christopher Salmon, Neil Gaiman
The Price
Note: Short story.
File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents - Lemony Snicket
File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents
Double-Booked for Death - Ali Brandon
Double-Booked for Death
Final Catcall - Sofie Kelly
Final Catcall
Black As He's Painted - Ngaio Marsh
Black As He's Painted
James Herriot's Cat Stories - James Herriot, Lesley Holmes
James Herriot's Cat Stories
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats - T.S. Eliot, Edward Gorey
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats: Old Possum's ... - T.S. Eliot, John Gielgud, Irene Worth
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats: Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats (Audio)
Note: This is an audiobook version.
The Cat Who... Omnibus 01 (Books 1-3): The Cat Who... - Lilian Jackson Braun
The Cat Who... Omnibus 01 (Books 1-3): The Cat Who Could Read Backwards / The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern / The Cat Who Turned On and Off
Felidae - Akif Pirinçci
Note: German language: The covers of most of this mystery series have black cats on the covers.
Leger - Cat Sleuth - Lacey Dearie
Leger - Cat Sleuth
The Black Cat - Martha Grimes
The Black Cat
Something the Cat Dragged in - Charlotte MacLeod
Something the Cat Dragged in
Note: #4 in the Peter Shandy series.
Tamsin - Peter S. Beagle
Note: Has a ghost cat too, so qualifies for the Ghosts and Haunted Houses square.
Cat out of Hell - Lynne Truss
Cat out of Hell
Black Cat - John Russo
Black Cat


Murder by Death
Not sure that anyone else can add books, but please leave any title/authors you recommend here in the comments and I'll add them to the list asap.
Moonlight Reader
It doesn't look like anyone but the list creator can add books. I will add some to the comments tomorrow - bedtime where I live!
Murder by Death
Damn. But I'll look out for the titles tomorrow and get them added. Should I do a list for each square, do you think?
Murder by Death
Also, goodnight! :)
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
Ngaio Marsh: Black as He's Painted -- ISBN: 9780312972790 (0312972792)

Black cat on the cover and a key supporting character. (And a cute one, too.)
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
Also, the 1996 hardcover edition of James Herriot's Cat Stories (though cute rather than horror): ISBN: 9780718142155 (0718142152).

And the version of T.S. Eliot's "Old Possum's Book" with the drawings by Edward Gorey (which *does*, after all, feature Macavity, the Mystery Cat; besides one of the cats on the cover is black, too -- looks to me like it's Bustopher Jones). ISBN: 9780156685689 (015668568X). There's also an audio version with the same cover, read by Sir John Gielgud and Irene Worth -- the ISBN of the audio cassette is 9780898458855 (0898458854); there's a CD, too, though, I think.

And the first omnibus volume of Lilian Jackson Braun's cat mysteries (books 1-3): ISBN 9780880297165 (0880297166)

And for German speakers, most of the German covers of Akif Pirincci's cat mysteries ("Felidae" et seq.) have black cats on the cover.
Murder by Death
Books have been added Themis - THANK YOU for the ISBNs. :)
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
No problem! :)

Btw, for Pirincci's cat mysteries you may want to add the very first one, "Felidae," which is the one true cult classic in the series and better known than all of the others combined. (Sorry, should have said that the first time around of course!) The ISBN is 9783442092987 (3442092981).
Murder by Death
Ah, thanks, I'll change it now. I just went to the book list and picked the first cover with a black cat. :D
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
That's what I figured. :) Thanks for following up!
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
Another one -- Martha Grimes: "The Black Cat" (ISBN 10: 0670021601; ISBN 13: 9780670021604)
Murder by Death
Added - and a good one too!
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
Is it? Good to know, thanks! This one is still on my TBR -- Grimes had been on a downward slope for me in the previous books, so I didn't exactly rush to get this one -- cat notwithstanding.
Murder by Death
Well, I should have clarified - my Mom said it was a good one. :) I haven't read it yet.
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
I'll take your mom's word, then! :)
Person Of Interest
Here's one -- Charlotte MacLeod: 'Something the Cat Dragged In', #4 in the Peter Shandy series (print ISBN-10: 0380690969
ISBN-13: 978-0380690961; ebook ASIN: B009S33L7E). The Kindle and Audible covers have black cats, as does the mass market paperback.

And Peter S. Beagle has a YA paranormal/ghost story with a black cat on the cover: 'Tamsin' (ebook ASIN: B008EXNM00; print ISBN-10: 0142401544
ISBN-13: 978-0142401545). There's a ghost cat, too.

Murder by Death
Added them both, thanks! :)
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
I just came across this: Lynne Truss: "Cat Out of Hell" (ISBN 10: 0099585340; ISBN 13: 9780099585343) -- glaring red cover background with a large black cat. No idea what it's like; just saw that it's fiction ...
Murder by Death
Added - I love Lynn Truss but I've never tried her fiction.
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
Thank you -- and neither have I. Interesting that the cover should be white on BL; I took the ISBNs from Amazon, where they're for a book with a red cover. ;)
Murder by Death
Got it. :)


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