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PijanaPoMalinach rated it 2 years ago
Książka specyficzna, wciągająca w świat tak dla nas, dzisiejszych kobiet, odległy. Po raz kolejny przekonałam się ze światem rządzą układy i układziki, koneksje i poplecznictwo. Warto przeczytać by poczuć inną kulturę! Kraj kwitnącej wiśni cieszy się od lat ogromną popularnością. I choć kultura japo...
CalT rated it 2 years ago
Reading other reviews I had expected more of this book but it just didn't grab me in the same way as some of the author's earlier works. I found the face too slow and plot development somewhat predictable.
Bridget Blogs Books
Bridget Blogs Books rated it 2 years ago
Finally finished it after putting it down so many times over the last couple months or so. I did enjoy it and was enjoying it at the time but it's a heavy book for me personally, so I kept having to put it down. It ended the way I wanted it to. How she went about things some may not agree with, but ...
Incomplete Tales
Incomplete Tales rated it 2 years ago
I have no idea how to begin this review, nothing I can possibly say will adequately measure how beautifully enchanting the writing was. Without looking at the context and any possible controversies surrounding how this book came to be, I thought this novel was a mesmerizing read from start to finish...
A Reading Vocation
A Reading Vocation rated it 2 years ago
Around the Year Reading Challenge Item #2: A book set in a different continentThe more historical fiction I read, the more I wonder whether it's just not the genre for me, even though I like history and the ability to travel "back in time" through reading.But despite all the accolades this book has ...
LindaLeest rated it 3 years ago
I completely fell in love with this book.The writingstyle is so beautiful and the details are so lifelike, that it really feels like you're in Japan, into the lives of the geishas and their culture and traditions.The protagonist Chiyo (later Sayuri) is such a loveable character, and I immediatly bec...
Lydia's Page
Lydia's Page rated it 3 years ago
Phew, it's nice to cross off a title that's been on your TBR list for ages and ages. I can certainly understand and appreciate the critical and commercial acclaim for this one... but I feel like I should confess that it wasn't my personal favorite. I'm not sure quite why, other than it just didn't f...
Quite the Wondering Selection
Quite the Wondering Selection rated it 3 years ago
Interesting to see the history of geisha. From pretty much stealing the girls, to all the training, the meanness and cruelty, to it being pretty much slavery.
Just a book blog
Just a book blog rated it 3 years ago
Now known by her geisha name, Sayuri tells a story of her childhood in her tipsy house; of friends and a certain enemy within the okiya; her struggles; of being a geisha before and after the second world war; of love, and her life after her days of being a geisha were over. At nine years old Chiyo...
Vailia's Page Turner
Vailia's Page Turner rated it 3 years ago
Absolutely beautiful! This story was so rich and vivid. With attention to personal details, you could almost think this is a real memoir. from her childhood as Chiyo, her days as a maid and finally her transformation into Sayuri and her life as a geisha. It was a remarkable, heartfelt journey. ...
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