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Augustine of Hippo
Birth date: November 11, 0354
Died: August 26, 0430
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mattries37315 rated it 4 years ago
The most important voice in political thought throughout the Middle Ages, influencing even St. Aquinas, was that of St. Augustine. Through excerpts of sermons, letters, and selections from City of God, the 4th-century theologians’ view of the world of man is shown both in its maturity and developme...
mattries37315 rated it 4 years ago
As a backlash against Christianity grew after the sack of Roman in 410 AD, Augustine of Hippo took up his pen to respond to pagans and philosophers as well as inform Christians about their priorities between heaven and earth. The City of God is one of the cornerstones of medieval Christianity and t...
Iron Canuck
Iron Canuck rated it 5 years ago
This was a bit of a tough read for me. I loved the idea of a fledgling couple trying to find their place in the world. With the corruption and politics pulling them apart, I expected a bit more on their personal stories, but the story seemed to focus largely on the dilemma of which of the lesser evi...
Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
Saint Augustine, at heart, is a theologian, and the problem I find with most theologians is that much of their work tends to be dry and academic, and Saint Augustine is no exception. However in his Confessions we encounter a completely different side, at least in the first nine books. Saint Augustin...
Cogitatio rated it 8 years ago
I had read Augustine's City Of God a few years ago and I was impressed with it, although I didn't agree with all of Augustine's points. When I do agree, it is a rather strong agreement. The Trinity (aka De Trinitate) was similar in that when I do agree with Augustine, it is a strong agreement; where...
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