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Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks - Community Reviews back

by Ben Goldacre
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bookaneer rated it 3 years ago
Bad Science by Ben Goldacre “I spend a lot of time talking to people who disagree with me - I would go so far as to say that it's my favourite leisure activity.” I'm an avid fan of More or Less, the popular statistics radio programme on BBC Radio, and I always enjoy Ben Goldacre's appearances ...
simonec rated it 5 years ago
Maybe you have to be british to enjoy this book. The writer checks and debunks some very questionable products or services available on the UK market; however, not being from the UK, I don't really know what he's talking about, and I don't care to read the truth about products or services I have nev...
Tyson Adams Reviews
Tyson Adams Reviews rated it 5 years ago
It has been a while since I've blogged one of my book reviews. I guess that is part of the parenting manual that I didn't read: hobbies are no longer priorities. There have been plenty of good books pass before my eyes since my last review, but I felt content just to let a short sentence, a star rat...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 6 years ago
An extension of his blog, this is a collection of basically rants about how science and statistics are abused by a variety of people. It also looks at faulty science behind some nutritionists and some of their dodgy "credentials". His emphasis is on making people question "facts" and double check ...
Lendoxia rated it 6 years ago
I don't know why this is classified under humor, yes it's written in an engaging and on rare occasions funny way but I don't find this funny, I find the whole situation sad because it depicts the current state truthfully. I know that average person isn't interested in science and perceives it as dif...
davdittrich read
davdittrich read rated it 6 years ago
jmills01 rated it 6 years ago
Let me state that I absolutely agree with Ben Goldacre's premise. We are far too willing to believe nonsense coached in scientific language. I remember the first time I read what homeopathy actually was - I was shocked because I had imagined it was much less crazy than the reality. He touches on ...
riley rated it 6 years ago
First off, this is pretty much an essential read for anyone who doesn't have a science background. Goldacre gives an easy to understand and funny crash course in basic evaluative tools to assess scientific studies It's also an important reminder of how little time each of us takes to digest what ac...
Melody Murray's Books
Melody Murray's Books rated it 6 years ago
Not much unfamiliar here- but then, this is the sort of debunkery I enjoy, so it stands to reason that I've come across most of the examples here. Goldacre's got a whimsical tone that I enjoyed, a matter-of-fact "you're not stupid, your brain just isn't trained to deal with this sort of obfuscation ...
Blogged Out Ma Nut
Blogged Out Ma Nut rated it 7 years ago
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