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Bambi - Community Reviews back

by Felix Salten
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TsalagiWriter rated it 4 years ago
This is my first time reading this book. The Bambi I grew up with was the Disney version. The book isn't bad at all; it is very well-written and has beautiful illustrations. However, I'm not really sure how I feel about this book. It seems to me that it is very much about growing up and seeing the w...
A Reading Vocation
A Reading Vocation rated it 4 years ago
I never thought that a book about a deer in the woods could be such a page-turner.One of my friends described the book as beautiful. Another told me it was "quite good." And I first came across it referenced in a YA book when I was in middle school, in which the narrator claimed it was much better t...
the reader of books
the reader of books rated it 5 years ago
I am torn. The mystery was meh, but you don't really read Dorothy L. Sayers for the mysteries. You read because Peter and Harriet are the greatest: they are both crazy smart, constantly tossing out obscure literary references like it's NBD, and committed to JUSTICE. They are one of my most favorite ...
My Journey in Writing
My Journey in Writing rated it 6 years ago
Having seen the movie version first, this novel was quite a surprise. It is quite a bit more violent that the film and has a highly introspective, bordering on spiritual (at the end, anyway) feel to it and how it tells Bambi's story. It's certainly an interesting read.
deborahmarkus7 rated it 7 years ago
Basing a movie on it did this book no favors. Instead, no one knows it exists -- or if they hear of it, they assume it was written for children. This is a novel. Salten wrote it for a grownup audience, though he probably wouldn't have minded the idea of children reading it.
Sticky Note Quotes
Sticky Note Quotes rated it 8 years ago
When you think Bambi, what is the first thing to pop into your mind? The Disney movie? Trust me, this is a whole different look into the woods.First off their is a heck of a lot more violence and death in this book. Not really a spoiler if you have seen the movie but first off Bambi's mom dies, even...
ѦѺ rated it 8 years ago
a tale for everyone!
Classic Maiden
Classic Maiden rated it 29 years ago
Read it as a kid in the early 1990s...
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