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Bark at the Ghouls
Bark at the Ghouls rated it 4 months ago
I'm going to use this book for the Diverse Voices square because it features stories by Wrath James White & J F Gonzalez & quite a few ladies of horror fiction. Typically collections of these sorts are filled with old white fellas and this one has a decent balance of diverse voices - all considered....
FeeRtheDragon rated it 11 months ago
The Policy by Bentley Little is a story based around insurance, and for Hunt Jackson it is more than just insurance that he finds himself purchasing.Bentley Little has a bizarre way of getting his stories across to the masses. With great writing and a fantastical imagination, Bentley gives you more ...
FeeRtheDragon rated it 11 months ago
The Vanishing by Bentley Little is a stand alone horror story about children disappearing or being murdered. I wouldn't really call this a horror story, but it is the most bizarre story I have ever read. Little's writing is great and his imagination is certainly unique, and I thoroughly enjoyed this...
Cody's Bookshelf
Cody's Bookshelf rated it 2 years ago
I think this is the scariest Bentley Little novel I’ve read. The Mailman was scary, too, though; it is a hard call. Regardless, Little’s debut novel is a shocker, almost sure to rattle the nerves of even the most jaded horror reader. A wave of crime is hitting the small town of Randall, Arizona. C...
IntoTheMacabre rated it 2 years ago
So this was my first forray into a Bentley Little tale. I'd heard such good things about him and decided it was time to give it a go. I had a few of his sitting on my shelf staring back at me to choose from. I selected The House and, looking back, that my have been the wrong one to introduce myself ...
FeeRtheDragon rated it 2 years ago
Dark Screams is the eighth book in the Dark Screams series written by different authors. These short stories include:WALPUSKI’S TYPEWRITER by Frank Darabont: ****THE BOY by Bentley Little: ****TUMOR by Benjamin Percy: ***TWISTED AND GNARLED by Billie Sue Mosiman: ****THE PALAVER by Kealan Patrick Bu...
My Never Ending List
My Never Ending List rated it 2 years ago
All three of the short stories in this novel are related. I liked two of the three stories as I thought the third story just was too weird for me. I like weird, I really do, but that story was way out there for me. I wanted to read a novel by Bentley Little for Halloween Bingo this year and time is ...
Char's Horror Corner
Char's Horror Corner rated it 2 years ago
Another entry in the, (overall), excellent DARK SCREAMS series is here, this time with a few surprising authors. I've listed what I thought were the standout tales below. My favorite story in this volume has to be WALPUSKI’S TYPEWRITER from Frank Darabont. Known for his work directing movies like...
Midu Reads
Midu Reads rated it 2 years ago
Below, I mention how I liked each story and include a favorite quote: The Empty Chambers by Neil Gaiman A poem. Very creepy but I’d rather have read a Gaiman story. The Company You Keep by Steve Resnic Tem Walking among us are the members of a secret company. I don’t know what I took away from t...
Cody's Bookshelf
Cody's Bookshelf rated it 3 years ago
This is my first Bentley Little novel, but it certainly won't be my last! A quick, smart, and surprisingly bleak horror tale about a small town under siege, The Mailman is one of the finer horror stories I've read lately. The premise is a simple one: our main characters are Doug, a schoolteacher o...
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