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Between the Lines - Community Reviews back

by Jodi Picoult, Samantha van Leer
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A Writer Reads
A Writer Reads rated it 3 years ago
I have no idea why I enjoyed that so much.I found the premise fairly interesting, so I decided to read it, but I wasn't expecting that much out of it, since I really dislike most YA romance. And from the get-go, all the red flags were raised. Delilah is pretty stereotypical, as teen protagonists go....
Reading Your Story
Reading Your Story rated it 3 years ago
i absolutely loved this book. it is similar to InkHeart, but i prefer this book. i like the layout, how they put in all the characters point of views. And a different colour for every point of view is a great idea. i highly recommend this book. Though it might be a little hard to understand for unde...
Just a book blog
Just a book blog rated it 4 years ago
Delilah is in high school and obsessed with a fairy tale she finds in the school library. While reading the book one day she notices something drawn onto the sand on Everafter Beach, something that was never there before. Delilah's observation gives Oliver the courage to carve a plea for help into t...
So many books so little time
So many books so little time rated it 4 years ago
I really enjoyed this book. It's about this 15 year old girl who loves this fairy tale that she found at her school library. She feels a deep connection and can relate to the main character to the story named Oliver. Turns out Oliver is real, he doesn't like his life in the story and wants out...
Confuzzled Books
Confuzzled Books rated it 5 years ago
I love books about retelling of fairy tales and ones that tell new tales. I have never read anything by Jodi Picoult and I know this not one of her usual stories. This story was brought to life by her daughter Samantha van Leer. The character Delilah reminds me much of a younger version of mysel...
A Reading Vocation
A Reading Vocation rated it 5 years ago
This book's premise interested me as soon as I read a review of it in School Library Journal: a teenage girl falls in love with a prince in a fairy tale, and becomes obsessed with finding a way to "break him free of it" or "make him real." I think anyone who has ever "fallen for" a fictional charact...
Momster Bookworm
Momster Bookworm rated it 5 years ago
My love of reading and books started with the classic fairy tales, which found their natural progression into books by Enid Blyton. I remember being fascinated with toys which came to life in the nursery, at night or when no one was there. (Before there was 'Toy Story', there was Amelia Jane.) I oft...
silverneurotic rated it 5 years ago
I was not planning on reading Between the Lines as the synopsis did not interest me all that much, but when it was featured as a Kindle Daily deal for something like $1.99 I figured that I'd give it a shot. I'm definitely a sucker for those Kindle Daily Deals. I'm extremely glad that I only paid the...
Bookish Thoughts
Bookish Thoughts rated it 6 years ago
This book is so cute! For a book lover like me the plot sounds like a dream come true. I loved the characters and the plot itself was perfect. The ending surprised me but it made perfect sense. Overall this is a really feel good kind of book. I was giggling like a school girl while reading it and it...
Secrets of Lost Words
Secrets of Lost Words rated it 6 years ago
Rating: D-I was really excited for this one as it talks about a fictional character coming to life. And... I was greatly disappointed. I found myself actually quite bored throughout the whole book and I had to use all my willpower to read it until the very end. The ending wasn't all that great eithe...
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