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Binding the Shadows - Community Reviews back

by Jenn Bennett
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Anna Bobs Her Hair - Silent Reader, Talking Books
Good plot with multiple story threads adding complexity to the characters and their relationships. Plus the the plot thickens! Book 2 had the best mystery, but BtS is focused on the character and preparing for book 4, the series conclusion. Binding the Shadows ends with a cliffhanger. It's going to ...
My slice of heaven
My slice of heaven rated it 5 years ago
I enjoyed reading this book a lot, although there was some points that I didn't like. [spoiler] I wasn't thrilled to find out Nivella was dead and her mother not. [/spoiler] I guess the last book is about fixing that and hopefully learn more about Arcadia. I was glad to see that I was right about Mr...
Romance Reader (and Writer)
Romance Reader (and Writer) rated it 5 years ago
I adore this series and I think it can be divided into 60% for the amazing romance and emotion between Lon and Cady. I LOVE THEM TOGETHER!! And the other 40% has to be Jupe. He's such a great kid. That last 10% of the book I think I was more or less in floods of tears but that ending alone has mad...
Melanie's Book Reviews
Melanie's Book Reviews rated it 5 years ago
Binding the Shadows is the third book in the Arcadia Bell series and this time, Cady might not get out alive!As the synopsis tells us – There’s a crime wave happening in the city and it comes knocking on Cady’s bars door, injuring Kar-yee in the process and for some reason… Cady couldn’t do a thing....
Books and Things
Books and Things rated it 5 years ago
Ah the 3rd book in this series and I'm still loving the characters. My only suggestion to Lon is to not be so taciturn when it comes to your emotions with the ones you love. Ah, but Lon is learning and is more open with Cady and his son then he was in the beginning of the series. Yes, there is a dad...
La Crimson Femme
La Crimson Femme rated it 5 years ago
Dare is now officially an asshole. If he had been doing things out of the goodness of his heart it would be different. But he's not. He's an asshole and now we know why his son Mark is such a tool.In this latest installment, Dare's blackmail backfires and Cady basically tells him to fuck the hell...
karenf rated it 6 years ago
I'm really loving this series. The magic system started out pretty simple int he first book but it's grown more complex and Cady's "moonchild" powers may turn out to be more of a curse than a blessing. But where this series really shines for me is in the relationships. I love Cady & Lon. I love ...
Harbinger of Books
Harbinger of Books rated it 6 years ago
The book jumps you right into the story Lon and Cady are on a mission from Dare to uncover Merrimoth's secrets. Thing of course don't go right for one Merrimoth seems to have more knacks (or powers) than usual. Then Cady's bar gets robbed and both Cady and Lon are wondering if there is a problem or ...
Susana "Lost in Fantasy Land"
Susana "Lost in Fantasy Land" rated it 6 years ago
That ending it...it..it...was really brutal!! How am i supposed to hold on until MAY, for crying out loud??? OH MY GOD!! I NEED AN ARC!! ASAP...LIKE NOW.......REALLY!!!My feelings, my emotions...i may have become so addicted to this series that a re-read may be in order...oh, boy.This story, well th...
To Read Or Not To Read, That's The Question
3.5 stars because of the cliffhanger. I despise those.
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