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Black Butler - Community Reviews back

by Yana Toboso, Tomo Kimura
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Elaine White's Life in Books
Elaine White's Life in Books rated it 2 years ago
This was a really good progression from the previous plot, still the same atmosphere and troubles with the staff, which kicked off the story, then progressing into a much darker storyline. There was still the same quality and skill of illustrations. I found the plot and action scenes easier to follo...
A strange mind.
A strange mind. rated it 7 years ago
Surprisingly, this volume was even more entertaining than the first. There is so much wit and leisurely laughs contained within this little manga, while also offering more in-depth motives. Tons and tons of emotions are packed into this little guy. I was giggling on one page then, almost immediately...
BreakRaven rated it 7 years ago
Some spoilers below. I'm starting to see a pattern here, and if it continues I'm thinking I will never love this series as much as some people do.I liked that this volume had more of a storyline than the first one. It wandered less, colored Sebastian's character a bit more, and actually introduced...
Degrees of Affection
Degrees of Affection rated it 7 years ago
Review of Vol 1The first minor story is another happenings around the manor look. The best part about this story is Sebastian's monologue concerning the beauty of a cat and how pets in hell look more like the creature from the Alien movie. LOVE. The next story is a long arc that is also covered in t...
purplewolf91212 rated it 7 years ago
Kuroshitsuji Black butler by Yana Toboso Vol 1 and 2 Review Art: The art work is something very different not your usual “Naruto” boy manga style nor your “shojo-vampire knight-sand chronicles” style either. Sebastian and Ciel are gorgeous and Bishi looking, Dashing and savvy. The detail from the cl...
The Charcoal Burner
The Charcoal Burner rated it 8 years ago
That's it. No more. Not even to find out how the Grim Reaper handles a chainsaw.
KizunaYueMichaelis rated it 8 years ago
Sebastian is soooo cool!! Even when he is covered by blood. I cannot believe I am enjoying this shounen so much, with all the violence, but it is really really really good!!! :D
BookWatcher rated it 9 years ago
Ohhhh I liked it, but I think it's not original, and I'm giving 3 starsI'm so tired of the use of such figure, Jack the ripperSo when the Black Butler used it too I was annoyed.But it's a good manga, still impeccable draw and very great demon theme.I like A LOT and LAMO when Ciel dress like a girl.....
learn by going
learn by going rated it 10 years ago
I do adore Sebastian and his always prepared, always smiling demon-self. Then to add the winking hint at shota with the scene where Ciel's being put in a corset, the entire ball scene with Ciel in a dress... Plus the addition of tranny Grelle (!) and the Undertaker. What fun!
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