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Bounty of Love - Community Reviews back

by Scotty Cade
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...Bookfanatic rated it 5 years ago
For me this book sounded good in premise but lacked in execution. There were parts that were just too fantastical to be believed and more than once I found myself rolling my eyes. Not to mention if the MC's called each other baby one more time I was going to head for the diaper department. In the en...
Nic Starr
Nic Starr rated it 6 years ago
The Loveseries: Wings of Love (book #1) - click here for review Treasure of Love (book #2) - click here for review Bounty of Love (book #3) - in this review Foundation of Love (book #4) Bounty of Love by Scotty Cade The Blurb... The night before his wedding, Zander Walsh, his parents, and h...
Bea's Reading Den
Bea's Reading Den rated it 6 years ago
*This is book three of the Love series, and the characters of Zander and Jake are seen as secondary characters in the other two books. This book, while written afterwards is set in a time before the other two. You really do not need to read the others to read this one.This is the third book I have...
jules0623 rated it 6 years ago
My favourite. The stories felt very 'samey' in formula, though.
Feliz Faber
Feliz Faber rated it 8 years ago
suspenseful and gripping, enjoyable mystery romance, emphasis on the romance since the bad guys were rather easy to figure out. The romance was nice, very emotional and moving at a fittingly reasonable pace. However, I could've done without the quite tacky angelic appearances.
Romances and more...
Romances and more... rated it 50 years ago
2.75 stars
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