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Calculating God - Community Reviews back

by Robert J. Sawyer
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Tannat rated it 4 years ago
Narrated by Jonathan Davis Abandoned @ 15% I thought I’d give this book a shot as an audiobook. I’d read it years ago, back when I actually enjoyed Robert J. Sawyer’s books, and I thought it would be a nostalgic kind of read that would get Toronto points. It did get Toronto points, but I found t...
Pablos czytelnik
Pablos czytelnik rated it 6 years ago
Robert J. Sawyer we wszystkich książkach, które czytałem, zadawał pytania dotyczące tego, co jest niepojęte dla naszego rozumu. Zawsze zdawał się być tym, który stoi twardo na ziemi, ale w żadnym wypadku nie jest zamknięty na mistycyzm. Często to zjawisko krytykuje, owszem, ale ludzka działalność tł...
So, I Read This Book Today . . .
So, I Read This Book Today . . . rated it 8 years ago
I tried to finish the book, I really did. However, there really wasn't any 'there' there. It reads as nothing other than the ramblings of a man who learned sound bites about science so that he could convince thoughtful persons to purchase a book that he then uses as a soapbox for obsessive ravings.I...
amartianmonkey rated it 8 years ago
An alien walks into a museum and says in perfect English "Take me to a paleontologist".Sadly this is not a bad joke but it is the start of a pretty poor book, not only does the alien come to Earth, it has came with another race and has scientific proof of the existence of god. sigh...
debnance rated it 18 years ago
An alien arrives on Earth, seeking proof for the existence of God. I wanted to like this book, but the characters were so flat I could have used them as a rug. In addit...
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