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Cast in Fury - Community Reviews back

by Michelle Sagara
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Lyndi rated it 3 years ago
As I grudgingly click the "Want to Read" button, I can't help but wonder if I'm a masochist. The heroine in this series is incredibly brave and warm-hearted, but she's also stupid. I mean super fucking stupid. She offends everyone that could take offense and kill her. She refuses to learn damn near ...
Judithe rated it 7 years ago
Kyahgirl rated it 7 years ago
3.5/5; 4 stars; B+Really enjoyed the insights in to the Leontine race, the Prideleas, etc in this book. The second half of the book was much stronger than the first half and I felt like the overall story was finally starting to gain momentum.
GizmosReviews rated it 7 years ago
*Fantasy* Dragons, Magic, Fantasy*Rating* 3.5-4.0First Thoughts!I really like this series! Seriously I do. I love the world building. I love the turmoil that Kaylin gets into time and time again. I love the fact that she somehow, someway manages to thwart the bad guys designs with her Old One's magi...
The Demon Librarian
The Demon Librarian rated it 8 years ago
The plot for this was was a lot clearer and easier to follow than all of the previous three thus far. It was more or less a straightforward police investigation involving Marcus, Kaylin's Leontine Sergeant and friend. And a subplot about putting on a play to help relations between the humans and the...
La Crimson Femme
La Crimson Femme rated it 11 years ago
Wow. Now there are telepaths. This new group within this world is very well thought out. I'm impressed with Ms. West's ability to weave a story with history and culture. I loved how she demonstrated prejudice and fear of the unknown. How a person can even overcome their fear and become acceptin...
Literary Ames
Literary Ames rated it 11 years ago
This is the fourth book in the series and takes place almost immediately after the last book, Cast in Secret. Each book seems to have a theme. The first, Cast in Shadow was about the life and struggles of the main character Kaylin Neya and her relationship with Severn, her sort-of adopted older brot...
CJ the Book Peddler
CJ the Book Peddler rated it 11 years ago
My favorite of the series so far. Kaylin is growing up, slowly and painfully and well aware of her convictions. She is beginning to define herself by what she loves rather than what she is afraid of. She is slowly beginning to understand when silence is called for which was always Kaylin's problem.T...
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