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Clear and Present Danger - Community Reviews back

by Tom Clancy
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Crash My Book Party
Crash My Book Party rated it 6 years ago
First read: This is the first Tom Clancy book I have read, and I absolutely loved it. It's a fantastic book. It does demand all your attention to follow all the characters introduced at different times of the book, but in the end you see how it all intertwines. Clancy is a stickler for detail, but i...
JasonKoivu rated it 7 years ago
There was a clear and present danger that I wasn't going to finish this.I don't watch soap operas. I used to. I'd get home and General Hospital would be on (Mom was heavily invested in the Luke & Laura saga,) so I got stuck with it. Consequently I know a soap opera when I see one and Clear and Prese...
bobsburgers23 rated it 7 years ago
Well written thriller, I can see why my dad loves it so much. Though the movie was pretty awesome, the book was way better.
Thomas Gaffney
Thomas Gaffney rated it 10 years ago
Jack Ryan AND John Clark playing major roles in the same Tom Clancy book. Very good premise and well executed. Up there with his finest works.
Kaethe rated it 32 years ago
Jack Ryan is the awesomest man in the world, and someday, the world will know it. As long as he keeps doing amazing stuff.
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