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Cloud Atlas - Community Reviews back

by David Mitchell
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Daily Blessings
Daily Blessings rated it 4 months ago
It's kind of immensely hard to write an honest review when you have no idea what you have just read and what most of the book was really about, but it's nonetheless a noble thing to do, because there's no doubt in my mind that the author of this book has really brought a literature jewel to life wit...
A Reading Vocation
A Reading Vocation rated it 2 years ago
This is a good "fat book" for people who are intimidated by "fat books" -- because it is divided up into six different stories, it doesn't feel long. I think the book is best enjoyed by just letting yourself sink fully into whatever story you are currently in, rather than stressing out about how the...
Bite Me: Literary Edition
Bite Me: Literary Edition rated it 3 years ago
To say that David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas is a good book is a gross understatement. Cloud Atlas is nothing short of a masterpiece; a mesmerizing postmodern novel about the journey and self-education of a single soul. Borrowing from the teachings of such philosophies and beliefs as eternal recurrence ...
Book Haunt
Book Haunt rated it 3 years ago
I do have to admit that I am not really an avid short story fan and this book is basically an assortment of short stories. Each story is in a different time and place but threads from the other stories are woven into each other. There is a common theme of oppression throughout the book. Even thou...
Lillelara rated it 4 years ago
After YouKneeK posted her review and having a lively discussion with her about the book (and the movie), I realized that I was fuzzy about the details in the novel. A situation I couldn´t tolerate. A reread was required and I ultimately did it. And it was a great experience. It is hard to say some...
YouKneeK rated it 4 years ago
This was a very interesting and unique book. It consists of several large sections which are woven together to tell six distinct stories. These stories do relate to each other, but explaining how would be too much of a spoiler. I had thought this book was going to be a science fiction book, but in t...
Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
I first heard of this book when I saw the poster for the movie bearing the unmistakeable face of Tom Hanks and the phrase 'everything is connected' underneath. I must admit that the poster really didn't inspire me, particularly since I have never really been a huge fan of Tom Hanks. Okay, he did hav...
Blondie and Read
Blondie and Read rated it 4 years ago
Definitely not an easy read, but genius in itself.... Lots going on and seems like it's a book you can ready many, many times and still find new themes each time.
reading4fun rated it 4 years ago
I really enjoyed reading the book which became a movie. I just think there is no replacement for a really good read. This was an added delight for it was a real book and not digital. Not that I don't like my NOOK, but there is no replacement for the feel and smell of a new book. Thanks to goodreads,...
Lydia's Page
Lydia's Page rated it 4 years ago
Cloud Atlas is a delightfully puzzled and richly imagined story, if perhaps a bit too overwrought. The narrative follows six characters at different points in time and space, who share one soul-- this reincarnate theme is the generally obfuscated but one of the few factors legitimately linking the c...
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