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by Augustine of Hippo, Henry Chadwick
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Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
Saint Augustine, at heart, is a theologian, and the problem I find with most theologians is that much of their work tends to be dry and academic, and Saint Augustine is no exception. However in his Confessions we encounter a completely different side, at least in the first nine books. Saint Augustin...
Level up!
Level up! rated it 6 years ago
Took me a long time to read this one; I think I've been too heavy on the classics-side of my reading list, and I'm getting burned on classics.Hmm... first of all, "of Hippo"... how awesome! I want that as a last name.Okay, on the whole, an interesting conversion story to read. Augustine is a thinker...
CarolOates rated it 8 years ago
My second time reading this book. As a non-believer reading about Saints may not seem an obvious multiple reading choice to some. For a long time I've been fascinated by St. Augustine, his struggles and his thoughts on time, evolution and the Bible. This is the type of book to read slowly and mull o...
Reading Adler's List
Reading Adler's List rated it 8 years ago
Augustine was a lusty fellow. A trait he considered one of his major flaws and one he struggled for most of his life to suppress. In what must have been sensationalist terms at the time, and given his position in the Church, he describes his path from skilled rhetorician to Manichean to Catholic. ...
The Review Man
The Review Man rated it 8 years ago
Up to four stars now. Augustine was a cool dude. His views on music were sorta dumb but everyone's allowed to say one stupid thing in their lives, I suppose.
Not Quite Home
Not Quite Home rated it 8 years ago
Written so long ago, the words of St. Augustine are still relevant today.
NinthWanderer rated it 10 years ago
Read for Western Civilizations 101 in college. I was the only person in my section to choose this book instead of Satyricon, which I think annoyed my T.A. a bit, especially when I tried to argue that Augustine pretty clearly had an Oedipal complex.TA: There was no such thing as an Oedipal complex ba...
spocksbro rated it 11 years ago
I may not agree with the man's theology but anyone interested in early Christian thought and the revolution in mental attitudes Augustine represents needs to read him.
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