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by Anne Rice
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Towers of Books Come Tumbling Down!
Rating: 4/5Summary: Marc Antonio “Tonio” Treschi, a son of a Councillor of Venice in the 18th century, leads a life of comfort while minding his tutors and taking care of his mother who seems to suffer from depression. However, as he grows up he uncovers family secrets that veer his destiny from fol...
The Way She Reads
The Way She Reads rated it 5 years ago
The blurb on the back of the book:“IN EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY ITALY THE CASTRATI RECREATED HEAVEN ON EARTH.Their exquisite voices soured above the glittering world of courtiers and nobility. Those who achieved fame were showered with riches and sexual favours. But their success also had a terrible sadnes...
Morbid Obsession (Kynthos)
Morbid Obsession (Kynthos) rated it 6 years ago
This is my personal all-time-favorite book by my favorite author, Anne Rice. I find this book to be most intriguing and unique. It's truly a one-of-a-kind well researched and well written book. Where else could one find a fictional story based upon the 'Castrati' in such dark and sensual form?It was...
Second Bookses
Second Bookses rated it 8 years ago
Interspersed with the well-known Vampire Chronicles and Mayfair Witches stories, Anne Rice wrote some stand-alone novels, the best of which, in my opinion is Cry to Heaven, published in 1982.::: The Castrati :::During the Baroque period, when the Catholic Church forbade women from performing, the st...
Sterek rated it 8 years ago
What the fuck just happened??What the.. I'm at a loss for words here.. I have absolutly no idea how to review this book.. So I'm just going to say whatever just pops up..I kinda want to say it was the worst book I've ever read..And then I kinda want to give it 3 stars... Wait.. What the??This book i...
Sticky Note Quotes
Sticky Note Quotes rated it 8 years ago
A good book with an intersecting story to tell. This is a story about a boy about to become a man, who has that and his future stolen from him. If you love Anne Rice this is worth the read.
Chrissie's Books
Chrissie's Books rated it 11 years ago
Just terrible. The depiction of Venice in the 1700s was mediocre and the plot line was so predictable that one always knew what would happen. Total waste of time so I quit in the middle. I was so intriqued by Sarah Dunant's In the Company of the Courtesan, which I gave 5 stars, that I wanted to read...
Dreamer rated it 21 years ago
I have read this excellent intense novel more than once over the years. Our hero, Tonio Treschi is forcibly castrated as a teenager robbing him of his birthright and preserving his beautiful voice as one of the castrati."In all my life I have never wooed and suffered as I have over you. But there is...
Posh Dresses, Hot Men and Heaving Bosoms
One of my favourite books of all time. I love the prose and the castrati interest me so much . As a singer and a musician the book appealed to me so much.
Kathryn Lively, Reader
Kathryn Lively, Reader rated it 26 years ago
I might re-read this one day to see if I change my mind, but my notes say 20-year-old me hated this.
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