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Bambbles Rambles
Bambbles Rambles rated it 8 years ago
I can get over a lot of things in a lot of books if the books ending leaves me feeling satisfied. I was enjoying this book, the cracktastic feel of it, the villain, the setting. Then the "climax", if you can even call it that, happened and it left me feeling betrayed. Where was my overall revelation...
Url Phantomhive
Url Phantomhive rated it 8 years ago
Never change a winning team, that's probably what Dan Brown is thinking with this series. I know that series often tend to get a bit predictable after a number of books, but this is just the third instalment! (After this one, I never bothered with Inferno) There is one mayor change though, instead...
jj's books
jj's books rated it 9 years ago
WOW!! Another great Robert Langdon book! & finally read it in time for Inferno!I love how Dan Brown's books really make you think, and he blurs the line between fact & fiction so well that by the end of it you really have no idea what to believe.After Angel's & Demon's putting science and religion a...
maricarcenteno rated it 10 years ago
this book..is riveting,.... but what do you preFer LOST SYMBOL OR DA VINCI CODE???
shaunmcelroy rated it 11 years ago
Typical Dan Brown fun--symbols instead of art. Bugs me the role of the CIA plays in this, but still a good jaunt, especially if you have spent any time in DC.
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