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Dare to Touch - Community Reviews back

by Carly Phillips
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In Love with Romance
In Love with Romance rated it 4 years ago
Olivia Dare doesn’t believe in love, or that’s what she wants to believe anyway. While growing up her dad was too busy to spend the holidays, birthdays, and other important family events. At least that’s what her entire family thought until the day he showed up asking all his kids to get tested, bec...
suegaluska rated it 4 years ago
Just when I think there is no way Carly Phillips' can write a better book than the one before, I am proven wrong again. Dare to Touch is about Olivia Dare and Dylan Rhodes. Olivia is a strong, hardworking member of the Miami Thunder's Execute Team. She puts all her passion into her work. Unfortunate...
Christy Herself
Christy Herself rated it 4 years ago
First, I really feel that readers should read the first book in this series, and see some of the interaction between Olivia and Dylan in the first book. Then you will understand why the book opens with such an intense, hot scene. Plus, the first book in this series is HOT.Second, I'm going to apol...
Shygirl: Reading After Midnight
Shygirl: Reading After Midnight rated it 4 years ago
‘Thanks to her past, she didn’t trust that she was important, that she was enough to keep any man in her life. But she was. For him, she was everything.’ Sexy. As. Sin. That is Dare to Touch in a nutshell. Even though we’re five books into this series, Carly Phillips still makes me wish I was in Mi...
FranJessca [at] Book Lovin' Mamas
FranJessca [at] Book Lovin' Mamas rated it 4 years ago
Dare to Touch is officially my favorite in Carly Phillips' Dare to Love series because I absolutely adored Olivia Dare and Dylan Rhodes. The minute I started reading Dare to Touch, I knew I was going to have a hard time putting down Olivia and Dylan's book. Unfortunately, I had to thanks to work tak...
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