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Dead Beat - Community Reviews back

by Jim Butcher
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Wanda's Book Reviews
Wanda's Book Reviews rated it 2 years ago
Paranormal investigations are Harry Dresden’s business and Chicago is his beat, as he tries to bring law and order to a world of wizards and monsters that exists alongside everyday life. And though most inhabitants of the Windy City don’t believe in magic, the Special Investigations Department of th...
susanvoss18 rated it 3 years ago
Note: I feel that Death Masks, Book 5 is where reading this series out of order starts to do you an injustice. This book does work as a stand alone to some extend, but you will get major spoilers for the previous books in the series and it also pulls in characters we have met before. So I recommend ...
That's What I'm Talking About
That's What I'm Talking About rated it 4 years ago
Time goes on and Harry Dresden continues to battle the dark forces that mean to harm the mortals of Chicago. This time around, Harry learns that a group of necromancers are in town to summon a powerful entity and turn themselves into powerful gods. Harry is the only one with the right combination of...
Turn The Page
Turn The Page rated it 4 years ago
Another great entry in the Dresden files. Butcher has found a way to make Harry encounter something different and unique in each volume of this series, all the while making Harry a more interesting, complex, and growing character at the same time. Very well done and very entertaining. Harry is becom...
Saturdays in Books
Saturdays in Books rated it 4 years ago
The best one so far, but I'm not sure that's actually saying much. I continue to fail to see why this series is beloved by some. I definitely haven't hit a point where I start claiming to other people, "just give it a change, 4 or 5 books, and then it gets good!" I did, this time, laugh in delight...
Linda78 rated it 4 years ago
This one was a little slower to start than the last few books and the absence of Murphy didn't help. I'm a little worried about Harry's decision to trust a certain someone and hope that doesn't backfire on him later. There's no doubt that Harry's a good guy often backed into corners and forced to ma...
PG's Books
PG's Books rated it 5 years ago
Yet again Harry is called on to save a good chunk of the world from things that go bump in the night. Since a couple of books back, when Harry managed to grow himself some balls, I have taken quite a liking to this book series. Harry have become quite a badass and I like his sharp tongue and rather ...
Tannat rated it 5 years ago
Too long and seemed mostly filled by péripéties just strung together. Perhaps I skipped too far ahead in the series. It was saved from the temptation of a one-star rating by the dinosaur, but I don't think it deserves to climb above a two. [spoiler] And of course Mouse (the dog) gets taken along w...
deborahmarkus7 rated it 5 years ago
If you've seen my reviews of previous Dresden Files novels, you pretty much already know what I think of this book. I'm worried I might start boring people because my adores and complaints don't change from novel to novel, and your eyes will start glazing over as I launch yet again into the usual bl...
Watch - Eat - Read
Watch - Eat - Read rated it 5 years ago
not as gripping as earlier ones
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