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Demon Love - Community Reviews back

by Jack Greene
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Mandy, I read obsessively
Mandy, I read obsessively rated it 7 years ago
Cute, hot and even a little sweet! Lucas and Trevor decide to summon a demon ( well Trevor decided, but since his reading ability leaves a bit to be desired, Lucas takes over).The Demon that shows up is definitely Lucas's dream man or demon as the case may be! There is instant love which worked and...
JustJen rated it 7 years ago
Very cute story about two college friends who summon a demon. This is just an easy enjoyable read.
blub rated it 7 years ago
I really liked it halfway through but then it got a little awkward for me when Lucas started thinking about being dominated by Corson...the part with the leash had me running all types of scenarios in my head. Other than that it was a hot read, it had me blushing like crazy and the ending had me "aw...
elizabetta rated it 7 years ago
This is a light, sexy tidbit -- a teenaged boy’s cartoon-fantasy wet-dream...a take on the genie in a bottle trope. Two college buddies Lucas and Trevor (I really liked their dialogue play) find an ancient book of spells and on a Friday night (hey, dates are hard to come by sometimes) Lucas calls up...
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