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Dennis O'Neil
Birth date: May 03, 1939
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TeaStitchRead rated it 3 years ago
Fills in Dead Parents square on the DC Comic Book Bingo card (then again, what DC character wouldn't fill in this square, lol). Color me unimpressed with Frank Miller and his interpretation of Batman. This was a DC comic for non-DC readers; there was no real humor or brightness to act as a counter...
ireneramos773 rated it 4 years ago
Batman has always been one of my favorite DC characters. Batman: Year One is the perfect book to read about the beginning of Batman's saga. The story and artwork is amazing. A great read for all Batman fans.
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 4 years ago
I'm quite conflicted about this: there's a lot going on, and yet it still seemed rather slow in parts. There's a lot of dual ideas at play here, like modern day life versus a traditional life, American mythology versus Native American mythology, good versus evil, the real you versus the mask you w...
A Sea of Stars
A Sea of Stars rated it 6 years ago
While it was kinda nice to see a bit of Batman's first year as a crime-fighting superhero/vigilante, it inspired absolutely zero interest on my part. I have practically no investment in any of the characters, as they are written in this. Also, I think comics are simply not my medium. Sorry, Eris.
Mallory Kellogg, Chubbygirlreads
Mallory Kellogg, Chubbygirlreads rated it 6 years ago
I can see a lot of The Dark Knight Rises in this book. That movie was clearly heavily inspired by this storyline. This book was a fun read, but it was dense and long. Even with only 342 pages, it felt like 600. It just kept going and going. I felt like I was crawling through this. I can usually re...
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