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by Tara Westover
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TeaStitchRead rated it 4 years ago
Title: Educated: A Memoir Author: Tara Westover Publish Date: February 20, 2018 Publisher: Random House Format: Hardcover Page Count: 334 pages Source: Library Date Read: February 16-18, 2020 Review I had no intention of reading this book on my own; it was my IRL book club pick. I read the glowi...
Kaethe rated it 5 years ago
This is the most suspenceful and the most terrifying book I will read all year. I thought I was going to read a book about how a kid with no education managed to acquire one, and there is some of that. But mostly this is a book about an ongoing true crime, even if no one ever frames it that way. W...
Sheila's Reads
Sheila's Reads rated it 5 years ago
Tara was raised on an isolated farm in Idaho. There she was homeschooled on occasion by her mother. Her dad has issues and was working on living off the grid. He supported the family by scrapping and building contracting. Her mother was a midwife and essential oil/homeopathy healer. When Tara was 16...
Words of a Bibliophile
Words of a Bibliophile rated it 5 years ago
The first thing I noticed when starting this compulsively readable memoir was that the circumstances of the family depicted in the book are less isolated than I expected. The blurb made me think they live way above the mountains of Idaho, cut off from civilization, but that is not the case. They liv...
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge rated it 6 years ago
This book was in intense read. The family gets into so many car crashes for people who don't have insurance! I had to resort to skimming several times because Westover does not sugarcoat the more grotesque aspects of what happened to her and her family. But the parts that I could read are very compe...
My Never Ending List
My Never Ending List rated it 6 years ago
I did not want this novel to end. I really enjoyed this novel, much more than I had anticipated. I knew that this novel was very popular but other than that, I went blindly into this novel and I’m glad I did. This novel is a memoir about a family, living in Idaho, that is sure to capture your atte...
Blah, Blah, Blah, Book Blog
Blah, Blah, Blah, Book Blog rated it 6 years ago
We listened to this one while we worked (my best friend/business partner and I), and I will say there was quite a bit of moaning and yelling at the narrator throughout. Westover's childhood was appalling, and no amount of back-pedaling by her parents and estranged siblings can convince me otherwise....
A Man With An Agenda
A Man With An Agenda rated it 6 years ago
What else is there to say? This book made me gasp and cringe and shiver. I kept audibly reacting to this book prompting a lot of discussion with my spouse. Westover's was a truly awful experience, vividly rendered in this memoir. There is much about this book that may seem unbelievable, but I don't ...
Thewanderingjew rated it 6 years ago
Educated, Tara Westover, author; Julia Whelan, narrator The author was raised in Idaho near a beautiful mountain called Bucks Peak. There was no record of her birth, and she never attended school. This is her inspiring story. Her parents were Fundamental Mormons who brought her up to be self-suffici...
Abandoned by user
Abandoned by user rated it 6 years ago
I am not a huge fan of the confessional genre - I find them largely forgettable and self-indulgent. Every once in a while, though, a memoir comes along that I have to read. This was one of those. Tara Westover was born on a mountain in Idaho, to an abusive, mentally ill father with a fundamentalis...
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